Genuine Ilocano Food at Monte Mar Restaurant, Burgos

Pokpoklo Salad and Chicharon

Between Laoag and Pagudpud, there are not too many really restful pit stops. Monte Mar Restaurant in Burgos offers authentic Ilocano food, a nice and quiet recess and a great view of the ocean. Owner Bob sees to it that travelers will have to enjoy the local flavors of Ilocos. Everything looked good especially the pokpoklo salad, longaniza and chicharon aka bagnet.

Check out this hideaway along the National Highway. It’s near Cape Bojeador.

Ilocano FoodRock SteadyMonte MarOld WoodMonte Mar
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Feed me hotdog and I’ll ask for mustard. Give me hotdog with mustard and I’ll bring it home. The more unusual the add-ons, the better. But I found a hotdog stand, in fact the only hotdog stand in Ilocos. Eulodogs is a bright structure standing infront of the Pastor Residence near the corner of Panganiban Street and F.R. Castro Avenue.

A not your ordinary hotdog is a real treat. Brandon’s first Eulodog was a Mexican Eulo. According to him, a hotdog spiced up with hot beef. Today, he tried the Eulodog Experience (only 88 pesos) which overflows with olives, bell pepper, chips, mustard, cheese, ketchup and mayo.

Eulodog ExperienceEulodogs
Ilocos EuloIlocos Eulo

Mine was an Ilocos Eulo (only P45). Predictable, huh? With the addition of tostado garlicky Laoag longaniza bits and onions, the effect is sort of a rustic taco, if there’s such a thing. The chili cheese fries I shared with Bran were gone so fast. I’m now a fan, but I still have to make usyuso the other 6 dogs, and the spicy wings, and the bacon fries.

Eulodogs was created by food lover KD, (or Ulo, his name when he was growing up) Pastor. It’s a two-week old baby.  “Why not make something out of my love for food?”

Eulodogs is open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

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Photos by Brandon and Blauearth
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