Dining at a Century-Old Restaurant in Metro Manila

Plaza San Lorenzo Ruiz

From the Condesa side of the Binondo Church (the Norberto Ty St.), we strolled to the direction of the San Nicolas district in Binondo, where period houses are getting fewer and fewer to make way for commercial buildings. The narrow streets are still dimly lit, giving you a feeling of the olden days.

Binondo ChurchSan Fernando cor. Sto. Cristo Streets, BinondoIlang-Ilang Restaurant

On Ilang-Ilang St., where you will find the oldest Chinese restaurant in Manila, there is also another century-old restaurant that bears the name of the street. It is so out of the way that you tend to forget there’s a visit-worthy Fukien restaurant if you’re longing for nostalgia. Still owned by the Chings, the restaurant’s ambiance is not too old anymore, but the food that dates back to 1910 is one and the same. My husband says, his father and his friends used to linger at the restaurant when they were younger. They all came from the same province in China to settle in the Philippines.

Today, Ilang-Ilang is a popular caterer, reaching as far as the provinces. They prepare lauriat for the Chinese Temple festivities here in Ilocos, occasionally.

Diok Pit He and NgohiongDiok pit heChinese Dinner

We had disagreements on what food to order, so the dishes on the table kinda look alike except the liver with garlic and snow peas, which my late father-in-law used to cook at home. The diok pit he (stuffed prawns)  is a dish I’ve loved since I was little.

The camaron rebosado wasn’t as good as the salt and pepper pork. The specialties are lomi, chami, taro guisado, fried pigeon, jeweled chicken, steamed fish or suahe (prawns). In fact, there’s quite a long list.

Salt and Pepper PorkCamaron RebosadoWest Binondo

Ilang Ilang Restaurant 551 Ilang-Ilang St., Binondo, Manila Open 8 AM – 10:45 PM Tel. No.: 241 9297 / 241 9298/ 241 6135 / 242 3266 CP. No.: 0922 841 9298 Email: ilangilang@lycos.com

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Big Breakfast at Ying Ying


Ying Ying Tea House is not new to this blog. I discovered it by accident (read story here). It’s become an instinctive habit upon reaching Manila. Hot congee or mami with something from the dim sum of the day will surely wake up your day. If you haven’t heard, the owner used to work at President Restaurant.

Bola Bola Siopao

I saw someone eating siopao at the other table, so I had to have one. The textures of both the bread and the filling are beautifully done, obviously freshly made.

Fish Cake Mami

I’m having this affair with fish ball soup. It’s something I crave for everyday. They ran out of fish balls, but fish cake was a fine substitute. The size and texture of the noodles are done the traditional way, very pleasing, while the soup was tasty and comforting.

Ying Ying NoodlesRadish CakeRadish Cake

Though the texture is generally nice, the radish cake can be more improved with some zest perhaps. As always, the duck congee packs so much flavor in one bowl.

Hot and ColdFried Silver Rolls with Condensed Milk

To complete the breakfast at Ying Ying, we had to have fried silver rolls with the necessary morning milk.

Ying Ying Tea House Dasmariñas cor. Yuchengco Streets., Binondo, Manila Open 7 AM to 2 AM

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014