On Altruism and Volunteerism


I haven’t told anyone — I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. But I was taught by my mother realities such as famine kills in Africa. If it was a ploy to make me eat dinengdeng and pinakbet, I thank her for all the nagging at the dinner table. My father, who would have been a richer man by now if he didn’t give so much to charity, taught me the value of service.

Marketing the environment is a tough job. Not having enough funds to promote a cause is a tougher one. Inspiration to sustain Camp for Earth came from the selfless and driven people lending a hand. There is something about social consciousness that sews up loose ends together.

Pre-Camp for Earth, I told the volunteer staff for Camp for Earth, “It will feel good after helping out.”

There is a happy place in this world if you find it.

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That others may live


Life is full of uncertainties. The one thing sure, there are people who do “making people live” a career. Volunteerism on the other hand changes an ordinary life into something more meaningful… NO IFS and BUTS… just plain commitment to yourself  and making a difference in the world of PUBLIC SERVICE.

Air Control TowersLaoag International AirportSAR bulding rappel and ropemanship lectures

Victim Extrication and Building Rappel Exercise

Search and Rescue Victim Extrication

More photos taken at the Laoag International Airport old air control tower during the Ilocos Norte Search and Rescue Proficiency Training with the 505th Search and Rescue Group (SSgt Henry Manzano, SSgt Bonny Narag, TSgt Francisco Villa and A1C John Paul Tubera), PGIN employees, PNP personnel headed by PCI Heraldo Layaoen, Jr., and Philippine Air Force 5057th Auxiliary Cl. 02-08 (Kaagapay), of which I am a member.

In behalf of the group, thanking the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte for sponsoring the training.

Search and Rescue Proficiency Training 2013 Building RappelSapatosOld LIA air control tower rappel
SAR ClassPAF 5057th Auxiliary Class Cl  08-2006Police Major LayaoenSearch and Rescue Proficiency Training 2013 Building Rappel (2)
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Mary C. Ang: The Face of Volunteerism Across Ilocos Norte

Mary Ang

A face I could never forget. That of a popular figure at the Holy Spirit Academy of Laoag when I was a student.  The parent-teacher association leader and also the doting mother to a former classmate — Mrs. Mary Cu Ang. (My own mom seldom attended PTA meetings when I was in school because she was too busy teaching English, Statistics, Rizal, etc. at the Divine Word College of Laoag, sewing dresses for Laoag’s glamorous ladies and designing/sewing/beading a thousand gowns for her school’s graduation and Cadena de Amor, fulfilling her social obligations, attending to the family’s needs, all at the same time, year in and year out.) And it still amazes me that Tita Mary, the lady who has left a mark on me, continue to fill many roles like no one else does. What is more remarkable is that her kindness and zest genuinely stem from the heart. Today, the retired businesswoman, a non-politico, is still busy as ever, juggling her duties as a director of the Philippine National Red Cross Ilocos Norte Chapter, a director of the Ilocos Norte Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, an active member of several organizations such as Zonta, a concerned citizen of the province of Ilocos Norte and so on and so on.


The amazing 70-something lady, with her signature natural platinum blonde hair, was once again awarded for her undying spirit in helping the less fortunate, people in need, and the society at large. The most recent one, together with Dr. Roberto C. Licup Sr., Bro. Martin Francisco, BSMP, Bacolod Chamber Volunteer Fire Brigade, and Sr. Eva Fidela C. Maamo, SPC, MD, they were awarded by the Philippine National Volunteer Service Coordinating Agency (PNVSCA) as Outstanding Volunteers of 2012, who “magnanimously devoted their tireless efforts in the service of the depressed area residents, the indigenous Filipinos, the environment, the rehabilitation of drug addicts, and the fire victims.” No less than Presidential sister Mrs. Pinky Aquino-Abellada, honorary chair for the NVM Steering Committee for 2011-2012, awarded her the recognition in a ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila in December, 2012.

Mary Ang, Outstanding Volunteer Awardee

Let us not forget that the proactive widowed Mary Ang, who has volunteered a chunk of her lifetime for social action, is a mother of three highly successful, lovely daughters, namely: Jennifer, a surgeon at the Makati Medical Center, Jessica, a licensed physician in the country and a practicing nurse in Las Vegas, and Janice, the Assistant Manager of the ChinaBank Laoag branch. And she still performs better than PSY aka Park Jae-sang. Truly an Ilocano icon that inspires.

Photos courtesy of Janice Ang-Gayban
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