If the shoe fits…

The “finders, keepers” adage apparently is the new house rule. Ericke calls me crazy because I don’t even remember I have this gorgeous Celine backpack in almost mint condition hanging on my bag rack for almost seventeen years now. She’s been enjoying it to the fullest, literally and figuratively.

I was looking for my room key which I accidentally dropped right into a huge basket full of assorted old stuff. Found it under the basket among boxes of trinkets and, jeez, these barely worn Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins and metallic Birkenstocks. I’m the only 7/38 at home, so no one would fit in my shoes.

I can’t wait to wear the comfy American mocs and German sandals which have come to be relevant universal fashion staples. I’m thinking casual comfort meets boho retro.

Spotted on the Olsen Twins a couple of years back.

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VW Stories

Uninvited, I squeezed myself in the SUV of the hubby’s friend. They went hunting for a pre-loved Land Cruiser. I’m such a sucker for road trips. Hahah, leave me, I’ll still find a way. And I take every occasion for photo opportunities. I’m his friends’ frenemy:)

In Calasiao, Pangasinan, I spotted my own cool subjects while they were negotiating and planning how to bring home their find.

I’ve been through VW’s before. I drove a red beetle in college and I will never forget when the back, the engine actually, went on fire, leaving the poor thing in flames in the middle of the old Gilbert Bridge (now the Marcos Bridge). For real, an uncool part of the beetle’s history ‘coz I’ve heard similar stories before. My girlfriend and I jumped out of it in a frenzy.

While growing up, my dad’s blue-and-white Beetle Combi was my house. I divided it into rooms and played princess when it was home in the garage. He eventually sold it. Tragedy!

.Beetle VanVW CombiTake me to Hawaii...

VW with Twin Carburetor

Tragedy strikes twice, one day, my red beetle was not in its parking space in front of our home. “I sold it,” said the hubby. “To whom?” I asked “The nuns in Nazarena,” he answered just like that. I cried, but well, at least, it were nuns… It occurred to me, they were going to pray for the life of my beetle.

The last time I saw it running, a nun was having the time of her life.

Old and dusty yet sexy thing

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Ilocano antiquities

Dadapilan, sugar cane press

I am attracted to anything old, but I don’t go to the extent of collecting stuff for the home. LOL, in fact, the tagline right there in the blog header should be changed to “Home is where the hardware is… ” just like how Jojami, my tweetheart, always tweets when she’s home. *inserts* My tagline used to be “Home is where the heart is.” My home is small and I still have to build something I can call our very own house.

For those of you who are interested in collecting old wood, you have to visit this place in San Nicolas.  Old posts and planks and stuff from the past like the items in the photos are on display at the curb.

For those who are still planning to build something, maybe you can check them out before ordering new wood. Besides helping protect the environment, restoring old wood or recycling them for other purposes will absolutely give your housing projects an edgier look. Think shabby chic.

Arado and capiz window panes

Location: Brgy. 1-San Francisco, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
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