Sweet Stop: Dulcelise

Sunday is reserved for the family. It’s the day of the week when the dad has a half-day off from work. We cruised to Vigan. Updates, banter, good food, strolls, photos… chillax time.

Dulcelise was the first thing I saw from where we parked. Roxy, my friend in Vigan, has repeatedly tweeted about their delicious cakes. After two Vigan jaunts, I finally found it. I instinctively crossed the street and took a peek through the door. Wow, give me some swank! I entered and scrutinized the cake counter. The strawberry cheesecake was smiling at me. I had to catch the rest of the foodie gang who went in the opposite direction. I told them about the modern vintage glam interiors of this dessert shop and the good-looking confections I just discovered. We trooped down to decadence. Oh, yes, the chandeliers, damask wallpaper and satin seats, everything in French gold and white, remind me of the line, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche [let them eat cake],” supposedly said by the often misconceived Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France, to the peasants during a time of famine.

[Strawberry cheesecake for me, Ericke had Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake and Bran picked sans rival. Unlucky Alexa was looking for, well, a chocolate cake. She ate a bit of Ericke’s, though.]

*cute burps*

Nothing above 110 pesos for a personal size cake. Winner!

Love the cakes to bits! My cheesecake was almost like my favorite Cheesecake Factory glazed fresh strawberry cheesecake. Just the right size. Trying to consume a huge slice of cheesecake could turn into agony. The textures were awesome, not too dense, and even the crust was kinda thin, perfect for me, neither dull nor overly sweet. I had a piece of Bran’s sans rival. No ifs, ands or buts about it, a killer!

According to the waitress, the dessert place is owned by Patch Savellano-Singson, the lovely wife of Vigan Vice Mayor Ryan Singson. She bakes herself. I read somewhere that their firstborn’s name is Elise, which justifies Dulcelise.

In addition to the cakes, scones, ice cream sandwiches, yogurt desserts, cookies and drinks in the shop, they also customize cupcakes, cakes and frosted sugar cookies for any occasion.

The location is inconspicuous that’s why I had a hard time tracking it down since last summer.  It looked more like a part of the Vigan Plaza Hotel. It’s a great thing my eyes zeroed in on the sign as soon as I got off the parked truck. If I were on the opposite side, I really wouldn’t have noticed it again.

I’m posting more photos taken in Vigan next time. Look where I found the three after a bento box dinner at Café Leona. They’re back in Dulcelise for dessert.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved