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Fresh Lumpia (Spring Roll)

Another work week coming. Hope you all had a nice Sunday. Remember the Tsinoy-style fresh lumpia (spring roll) recipe I posted here? A friend was able to pull it off. There was just one little error, the hubby mistook parsley for cilantro. Nonetheless, we all enjoyed rolling our own lumpia. Good he didn’t forget the chili bean paste (that red thingy in the photo). Without it, it’s like having turkey without the cranberry sauce. Four is my lucky number:)

Rolling a Fresh Lumpia (Spring Roll)

The white lumpia wrappers are better than the yellow ones used for deep-fried lumpia or turon. Be sure they are the thin kind, fresh and not frozen. We order ours from a Chinese-owned specialty store at the public market.

In addition to the lumpia, adobo French beans was served. Quite like utong (string beans), but with more crunch. Really yummy! For added flavor, he used oyster sauce instead of soy sauce. Iced coconut juice, chilled fresh pears and watermelon wedges completed the wonderful summery dinner.

French Beans Adobo

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