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Happy World Water Day!

Olsenhaus vegan shoes made from recycled tv sets

Who would have guessed that this pair of shoes is made from waste? It’s quite Chanel with its delicious two tone color and chain detail.

Elizabeth Olsen, the designer behind Olsenhaus says, “I want to do something about that big island of trash in the Pacific.” She is currently experimenting on other possibilities — incorporating sawdust in recycled rubber as sole and  using ground-up recycled-plastic pellets as heel. Go, go, girl!

I love twitter… I got to discover Olsenhaus from Ecouterre today.

More on the current situation of our Oceans…

I support Surfrider.

Who says eco-friendly shoes are ugly?

I found this gorgeous pair of vegan Chinese Laundry high-heels online. You might be asking — “Just what are eco-friendly footwear?” These are shoes made out of sustainable and/or recycled materials — organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, man-made leather and other materials, such as recycled car tires and inner tubes, even eco-certified leather and suede. Buying a pair of  leather free, animal free and cruelty free footwear instead of the usual PURE LEATHER footwear, a fashion-conscious  would easily crave for, will mean much for the environment. Even Stella McCartney has her own line of environment-friendly stuff. There are a lot of choices in the market. All you need to have is discernment and the will power to keep your cravings in control. If you’re still a non-vegan like me, perhaps, you can start with shoes.