Turkey Lechon

Lechon Tarkee (Turkey)

A frozen turkey (in Marianne’s freezer) from last Christmas saw the light of day. Another friend brought it to Franklin Ocampo to roast for a potluck dinner. Franklin’s Lechon is known for whole lechon baboy (pig)/baka (cow)/karnero (lamb) in Laoag. For those who are not familiar with the Filipino lechon style of roasting, it is a Spanish culinary influence which involves whole dressed meat, a potpourri of herbs and seasonings (depending on the meat), a rotisserie and hot coals. Franklin injected (literally with a huge needle syringe) the same piquant special marinade he uses for lechon baka. I don’t know the exact recipe, but the dominating flavors of brandy, black pepper, chili and Worcestershire sauce enliven beef so well.

Lechon Turkey

The dinner consisted of greens, different salad dressings (Italian, balsamic and Thousand Island), bread and red wine from Alain and Marianne, mashed potatoes with herbed gravy from our kitchen, fresh bananas from Benny and miscellaneous/others from Rainier.

Lechon Turkey Breast

The turkey came out great. The inner meat was quite moist and well-flavored. A whole new turkey that’s definitely worth the bite.

Then Joan bought Share Tea drinks for the girls and Zeng, a friend from China who was visiting Laoag for the second time (he loves it here, obviously).

Oolong Milk Tea

I didn’t like my Chinese oolong milk tea as much as I like the Taiwan classic and the Japanese Hokkaido and Okinawa. The oolong was woody, kinda thick and watered with too much milk. Glad I ordered it with extra jelly strips which diverted my distaste for the bland drink. There are three new limited edition drinks and Brandon says the cocoa something is worth a try. We’ll see.

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Turkey, Turkey! Turkey?

Celebrity chef Todd English once said, “Turkey, unlike chicken, has very elegant characteristics. It has more of a cache than chicken. Turkey is a delicacy, so it should be presented in such a way.”

On the contrary, we wanted a straightforward turkey in all its goodness, enhanced with just rosemary and peppercorns and devoid of all the trimmings. For my Palawan foodie buddies’ Christmas potluck reunion, Alain got turkey  from S&R and was prepared by Tonypet before sending it to Golden Bakery in Laoag for baking. It was moist and tender, the best turkey I’ve had in years!

The hubby and I brought assorted sushi and sashimi platters prepared by our talented cook, Lynne, who’s starting to make a name for herself. She also made tamago sashimi. One guest suggested we should start accepting food orders. Joan made spaghetti for the kids while Rainier brought a grass-fed native pig, roasted Burgos-style. The crispiest lechon skin ever. I wanted to post photos, but PETA advocates do scare me. Peace, man! The table was filled with Chinese-style ham, pancit Malabon, eel, fresh fruit salad, leche flan and barbeque a la Aristrocrat.

The Root:1 cab was mistakenly chilled, but thank God, it was fine!

My new year’s resolution, I’m quitting appalling food binges bordering on immorality. No, I take it back. I’m cutting down on carbs.

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