TonyMoly Bio EX Active-Cell Dual Cleanser

TonyMoly Bio Ex Active Cell Dual Cleanser

What’s new in my bathroom real estate? A sleek, space-saving two-in-one facial cleansing system from TonyMoly again (hahah, this is not a sponsored post).

TonyMoly Bio Ex Active Cell Dual Cleanser

An SA showed me the Bio EX Active-Cell Dual Cleanser while browsing through the shelves for a facial wash. It contains Marine Gel Oil Cleanser (supposedly with freeze-dried marine stem cells) and Green Tea Foam Cleanser. Though I’m aware oil dissolves oil, I never considered using a cleansing oil before since I did suffer from acne flareups. I rarely breakout anymore, but my skin has become bipolar, sometimes oily and sometimes dry and rashy in some parts. I love the idea of putting together a grime and makeup remover and a soothing cleanser into one packaging, I think it’s innovative.

TonyMoly Bio Ex Active Cell Dual CleanserTonyMoly Bio Ex Active Cell Dual Cleanser

The two cleansers can be used one at a time or used together at the same time. For 5 consecutive days, I tried using the two together, then tried them one by one. With the gel oil cleanser, makeup is easily removed, but I’m not hot about its slippery texture, so I follow it up with the foam cleanser, like double cleansing. I wonder if  I’m washing away the plant stem cells that are supposed to revitalize the skin? Stem cells of criste marine, known to be an eternal plant, is the highpoint of this product, besides milk lipids that mimic body water. It also doesn’t contain parabens nor mineral oil.

So far my skin is visibly plumper and quite rosier. It also feels soft. The patchy parts haven’t reappeared yet, which might mean they are gentle on my skin. I have to try it longer, however, to be able to say it’s really working for me.

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Cute Find: TonyMoly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base

Panda's Dream

My eyes zeroed in on the super cute Panda’s Dream eye sticks at TonyMoly. There were two – one is a brightening eye base and the other one is a multitasking, cooling eye serum in a stick. But do they really work? Because the store was newly opened, testers were quite full and clean. I just arrived in Manila, and went to Lucky Chinatown Mall, with the intention of having breakfast at Kopi Roti. I passed through the main building and couldn’t resist not dropping by the newly opened Korean skin care store. I’m so used to traveling long hours, but not my eyes, which suffer most. It was the best time to test the brightening eye base that looked like a glue stick, (hahah, actually!).

I put it on top of my faded off makeup and the difference was visible. Dark circles did not completely vanish as this product is meant to camouflage dark circles when used as a primer and in a way helps illuminate under eye skin.  Ingredients such as haloxyl-gooseberry, bamboo and pearl extracts are seen on the back of the box. I don’t like much two of the ingredients listed (lanolin and isopropyl myristate), which are reported to be comedogenic. Bought it nonetheless in hopes that regular use just around the eyes will have a nourishing effect.

TonyMoly Panda's Dream

It is white, almost looking pasty (from the tube) but I liked the way it glided smoothly unto the skin. It feels so light, the texture is better than a balm, never leaves an oily film and quite disappears into the skin when used sparingly.

I didn’t get the So Cool Eye Stick. I’m still looking for one that I really like, like something more melting.

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Green Find: TonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe Gel

TonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe Gel

While in constant search for natural products, I discovered that Korean beauty company TonyMoly carries items that suit my preference for non-synthetic products. With more and more Korean cosmetic companies entering the local retail scene, not to mention the increasing names in natural and/or organic Filipino beauty aids, it is difficult to be attuned with all the latest trends. Glad to see the aloe vera gel of the old school is back. TonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe Gel 92% can be a more convenient way for me to get perhaps the same nutritive benefits from 100% aloe vera juice straight from the rind.

TonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe Gel

Using aloe vera is a trick I learned from my dad and my yaya Cion. My dad gets more abundant, blacker hair when he treats his hair with backyard aloe, while manang Cion cuts up an aloe vera, gets the juice out and applies to sunburnt skin to get skin instantly hydrated and to avoid peeling. But those were the days when I lived in a house with a well-cared for garden.

The versatility of aloe is classic. Besides being a safe plant skin moisturizer and an effective idea to slow down hair loss, it can also help brighten and bring back elasticity to the skin.

TonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe GelTonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe Gel

I got kinda out of control at a TonyMoly shop especially with all the cutely packaged products they are known for. The Pure Eco Aloe Gel stood out because it looks like the most basic, generic, familiar item on the shelves. I’m treating my farmer’s complexion from too much toasting in the outdoors this summer. I love the soothing, non-sticky feel of aloe on the skin.

TonyMoly Pure Eco Aloe Gel
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