Cefi & Me opens at Paseo de Paoay

Cefi & Me 25

Sunny, effervescent, refreshing — those three words enter my mind as soon as I step into Cefi & Me. The baker in Toni Carag has been unleashed and baby Cefi, the frosting to her cupcake, appears to be getting a thrill from the whirling scent of confections inside the patisserie.

Cefi & Me is situated at the corner of pristine Paseo de Paoay close by the painfully beautiful Paoay Church. (I live in Ilocos, but it feels like I am in a different world whenever I catch a glimpse of the church’s striking architecture.)

Cefi & Me 4Cefi & Me 14Cefi & Me 24Kristine Manuel and Kit Mandac had the honors to cut the ribbon.

Cefi and Me 22Cefi & Me 8Cefi & Me 9Cefi and Me 23Cefi & Me 16Cefi & Me 19Cefi & Me 11Cefi & Me CupcakesCefi & Me 10Reishan Paredes and Joanna Jimenez light up the room.

GyrosCefi & Me 13Cefi & Me 15Cefi & Me 12Cefi & Me 26How time flies, Toni and her cousin Tina’s babies! Our godson, MJ (in black), is all grown up. But I love it that Toni always calls me “manang”. The other baby in the photo below is Cooper, the cute son of Carlos and Janina Fariñas. Hihih, and Nerisa might just have given birth.

Cefi & Me 6Cefi & Me 2Cefi & Me 20I made sure I had a photo with photographer Glenn Tumaneng because he had to take my photo (at the bottom of the post). Of course, you shouldn’t believe me ‘coz the vibes of the afternoon was cheery.

Cefi & Me 21Cefi & Me 18Cefi & Me 17Cefi & Me 3Cefi & Me 1Radiant Kristine Manuel. I saw the light and I had to pressure her for this photo.

Cefi & Me Menu

Check out the interesting menu. We had gyros, penne, fresh dragonfruit and I bought cheese cupcakes. Yum! If I were not too full, I would have ordered kesong puti bun d’ sal.

I want to congratulate and wish Toni all the best in her new endeavor.

Other photos by Kit, Glenn T and Joanna
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014

The new cupcakes in town


Just when I thought of giving food blogging a rest, Cefi and Me is hatched. Toni Carag, the young owner of Playa Tropical Resort Hotel in Currimao, gets bitten by the baking bug, or was she born a baker ‘coz her cupcakes have that high tone to it? If you read my recent post on Mallory’s first birthday party, she made the heavenly blue velvet cupcakes. The little cake’s just the right volume, not heavy, and not spongy either, so you never get that tiresome feeling. The cream cheese frosting is another level, says the hubby who is so picky when it comes to cakes. He just made me order a dozen blue velvet cupcakes for Thursday.

Cefi and Me is soon to open at the Paseo de Paoay. Cef is Toni’s angel. And Toni’s dad, Lito, has even joined her in baking — quite a formidable team because I know for a fact that the dad has exacting taste. I had the opportunity to try his banana loaf (in photos below), and it amazes me that you would think he’s been baking forever. In truth, I didn’t know that about Lito that he is so into the kitchen, developing sweet recipes. “It’s just a hobby. Daddy and I love to bake,” Toni says.

Blue Velvet CupcakesBanana LoafBanana Loaf

The banana loaf is more of a cake with moist, marbled texture. It is rich, without getting cloying, and it refrigerates well. If I’m not mistaken, chocolate chips were thrown in for that surprising twist.

Keep posted for the opening of Cefi and Me. In the meantime, Toni accepts orders through her FB account (here).

Banana Loaf
Top photo by Martine
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014