Spa Hoppin’

As a rule, I save up for luxuriating body care and massage treatments. Our scheduled climb to Mt. Palemlem in Adams later this week has put me in a panic mode. A rather crazy idea, to prepare myself for the extreme trek, I hied off to my urban hideaways for detoxification and pampering.

Spa # 1: Toelicious

Toelicious has moved to a new location, the second level of the Alcid Building across the PLDT office along Gov. Primo Lazaro Ave. I go there quite often for nail care and full body massages. Right after a polishing foot spa, for the first time, I tried their foot reflexology.

The 199-peso foot spa started with a foot bath in a warm pink solution, after which 2 different kinds of scrubs were done. The first, with pumice, and the second, with salt applied in massaging strokes. Loved the tingling effect of the gritty salt.

After another foot rinse, a reviving peppermint foot mask was painted on the feet and left on for sometime. Somewhat distracting was Kris’ voice in Pilipinas Got Talent on TV. I would have preferred just the spa music, which was playing at the same time.

Costing me 350 pesos more is a foot reflexology massage. A scentless massage balm was spread on the feet and legs before the masseuse used a wooden stick to stimulate the pressure points. At that point, the Azkals’ Younghusband  brothers were singing on TV.  I also swooned over James’ short rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Over You and Phil’s melodic Ewan, a good thing all at once. I totally enjoyed the melting foot massage.

Spa #2: Erika Frances

My second time to go to Erika Frances day spa for a healing  ear candling. Indian ear candles, made of organic fabric and  natural beeswax are inserted into the superficial ear canal, and then lighted and allowed to burn up to a certain point. The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes for both ears. The candles are supposed to work as a vacuum for anything undesirable inside the ear canal, thereby promoting a good sense of balance. After my initial ear candling last month, my itchy throat and runny nose were relieved. The effects could not be felt right away. It takes a couple days before you’d believe the procedure is real. The next session was more pleasurable. The first time, I was jittery and squirming on the bed. LOL, it felt like something was frying inside my ear. 250 pesos for the thermal-auricular therapy. I also like their massages and facials. Erika Frances is on the third floor of the Cristina Bldg. II along Gen.Luna St..

Spa #3:  Ellitoes

Only recently, I discovered Ellitoes’ wonderful combination massage, which I ended up trying before a nail art session, the actual reason I visited the new hand and foot care center. I was craving for the same massage by Joyce, but Ericke and our friend, Jo, were already seated in the comfortable spa chairs before I even arrived. Joyce was busy with Jo’s foot spa treatment, while Ericke was about to be prepped by another staff for her pedicure.

The best thing about Ellitoes, their tools are sterilized before use.

We shared my new Orly Green Apple.

Though Ellitoes has a wide array of nail lacquers, Jo brought along her whole Orly “spumoni” collection for fun and cute nail art.

I don’t know what they mean, but the moles on the soles are something Ericke and I also share.

Just a manicure to perk up my overworked hands. I scheduled the massage treatment for the next day. Basic manicure or pedicure is 80 pesos. Imported  nail color costs an additional 50 pesos. 200 pesos for either manicure or pedicure with nail art. Ellitoes is within the restaurant strip along west Rizal St.

*All spas are located in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, Philippines

Photographed by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved

My happy feet…

Still on things I did on a lazy rainy Friday afternoon… I hit Toelicious Spa, the newest nail salon and spa in town. I think it’s my fourth time to have my nails done there. I like their mod nail color collection from The Face Shop and Elianto. The Elianto nail polish I had the last time lasted for a surprising three weeks, which never happens when I use the more popular local brands other nail shops in Laoag offer.

I had the “Yummy”  Foot Spa before my pedicure. The peppermint foot mask was so relaxing. My body feels lighter and my feet scream H-A-P-P-Y!

Toelicious Nail Salon & Spa ( Open daily 1:00-10:oo PM) 2nd Floor Avon Building 29-B P. Gomez St., Laoag City (near NBI Bldg.) Contact No. 0908-1804033

Services offered: Hand Spa “Delight”, Hair Waxing, Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Soothing Holistic Massage, Shiatsu Hard Massage, Swedish Massage, Reflexology Massage, Pinoy Hilot Massage, Asian Fusion Foot Massage, Hot Lava Stone Foot Reflex, Basic Cleansing Facial, Facial Rejuvenation and Galvanic Treatment, Facial with Vitamin C Firming Mask, Painless Warts Removal, Eyelash Perming, African Salt Glow Body Scrub and Polish, Papaya and Calamansi Whitening Body Scrub, All Natural Body Scrub and Polish, Javanese Mandy Lulur, and more. Individual and group packages are also available.
Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED