Love to Love Laoag

The Laoag Calesa with the Aurora Park in the background

It’s been an overwhelming 2014 for me. The tail end was worst, I joined Christmas dinner in my pajama, counted words instead of minutes all the way to 2015. I have photos (I took of Laoag to accompany the special story I wrote) I was hoping the world would see. Love to share them with you, the BTPs that inspired me to write my most favorite story of all time. It was so much of a challenge, and yet I grabbed the opportunity the very next second without thinking twice.

Love at the Laoag La Paz Sand Dunes and Padsan RiverEvening ComesJust MarriedJust Married - St William CathedralLaoag Sinking Bell TowerLaoag open market 2Burgos gamet vendor in LaoagPancit Dinardaraan

With special thanks to Thea Gloria and Russell Legaspi in Laoag Sand Dune-Padsan River photo and JR and JC Castro, JR, most specially, for  giving me a ride to the church.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015