It’s the thought that counts

Thought Journal  from Marianne P.

I think people who think alike gravitate toward each other. I first met Marianne Pasion on Flickr, around the time I started blogging. It’s easy to like her. Greater than her cool photos, she’s sweet, leaves a comment on my stream when she’s got the chance. On Flickr, with all the great talents, many of them with swollen egos, you’ll just feel who’s genuine, who’s there only for Explore.  I’ve encountered all sorts of people – some are appalling, some are simply weirdos (these kind, I block), some remain regular commenters no matter how your photos look like or no matter how you forget to respond to their comments like you should, but it’s only Marianne, who has come to be a friend outside Flickr. We’ve evolved through time. Perhaps through each others pictures, we came to know each other well enough that age disparity has never been a problem, and that it never matters if we don’t get to see each other like other friends would normally be.

Thought Journal

I received one of Marianne’s works the other day. It’s a Thought Journal like Alexa’s, only a lot bigger. The cover is from a scanned vibrant abel cloth which awakens beautiful memories of my second mother. I haven’t scribbled anything on it yet, though it’s been inside my purse since I got it.

Well, for the benefit of those who are wondering what’s inside my trademark huge purse, here are the usual contents . The extra space is for the cam.

What's inside the bag

And this is how I look on a typical day.

Ordinary Day

Btw, the shirt is from Brandon’s closet, and he gets my totes and sling bags so it’s fair.

Revlon Colorstay Longwear Wild Strawberry

And here’s another part of my quirkiness — I’m such a sucker for dynamic colors. I guess Marianne sensed. (Thanks, honey!)

For those who want to know more about Thought Journal,  go directly to Crown Printers, Brgy. 7B Hernando Avenue corner Gomburza Street, Laoag City. Read Marianne’s post on her blog here.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013

The Surprisingly Kitsch Yard Sale: Two Days of Divestment

Yard Sale

Hoarding runs in the family. At my parents’ house, there’s a gigantic cabinet full of vinyl records that can cover the walls of the whole house, with more to cover the ceilings and floors. Anna Moffo, Broadway musical soundtracks, Nat King Cole, old blue eyes Frank Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Stylistics, Barbra Streisand, Rolling Stones, Burt Bacharach, Commodores, The Doors, VST and Co, Nora Aunor, Celeste Legaspi, Basil Valdez, name it the grandfather has it, until he shifted gears to cassette tapes.  Emotional attachment usually thwarts people from putting up for sale certain unnew and unused things. My own imperative off-loading finally happened. Ericke, the creator of the fashionably kitschy Surprisingly Kitsch blog, is moving to LA two weeks from now. A brand new period awaits her, no room for excess baggage.

Yard SaleThought Journal

Occupying a corner at the Ace garage was photographer Marianne G. Pasion’s creative brainwork, Thought Journal — a line of notebooks with recycled leaves bound by representations of Ilocos. Alexa bought 3 pieces for herself and her two best friends. I’m seeing another blogger in the near future.

Alexa's Thought JournalYard Sale

Yard Sale Tip: Be there to manage and sell your wares. Still and all, you are the only one who can decide the most wise on each and every transaction.

I lost an estimated 240 pounds of mementos. As it may be, a good start in an attempt to declutter and minimize an object-oriented world.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013