Teaño Alcala Milk Candy Rush

Our weekend was spent in Cagayan for Brandon’s off-road competition, “Ratratan Sa Planta 2” for the 1st Isabela Leg (Aug 2010), in Tuguegarao City. Our first stop in the valley was the quaint  town of Alcala, where I had to get a few packs of their famous carabao milk candies, my ammunition for a long day ahead.

The soft and chewy old-fashioned Teaño Alcala fresh and pure carabao milk candies with just the right amount of sweetness are made in a factory near the home of the Teaños, where they sell the candies, popular with travelers passing by the town of Alcala. How they make the candies is a well-guarded secret. According to Mrs. Teaño, they don’t allow outsiders inside their factory which has been around since 1930.

Each rectangular milk candy is wrapped in white Japanese paper; twelve pieces of them are packed in a bag and sold for only thirty pesos.

Good news for Manileños who crave for the carabao milk sweets because they are always available at the Teaño Mandaluyong residence.

Teaño Alcala Milk Candy Bacolod, Alcala, Cagayan/ 18 Lions Road, Mandaluyong City Tel No. 531-0045 CP Nos.: Temy – 0906-233-8205, Lorna – 0917-847-6110
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