Weekend Foodtrippin’


.Eating is one thing the family loves to do together.


Nothing like Tayamen’s isaw!

collagesaramsam longaniza pasta

The only pizza that we mutually love — Saramsam’s longaniza pizza!


Rufino’s for desserts. Life is sweeter when shared with people you love.

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Strictly Family Affair

Euge and Alexa

The 4th of August is habitually random. Soon after digesting the sharpness of The Wolverine, the family headed to Tayamen’s.  Reny can live on exotic stuff like unskinned croakers from Piddig *trembles* and horse tapa he shares with his mates, and so if benign Tayamen’s isaw is foreign to him, he’s still a rookie foodie.


After my birthday this year, in a manner of speaking, he’s had it all in Ilocos.

Pick-Up Sticks

Happy birthday to me!

Daddy's GirlA world of his ownLazy Sunday Afternoon
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