Share Tea one drink a day challenge: Ice-blended strawberry with lychee de coco

Ice-Blended Strawberry with Lychee de Coco

On spotlight, the Barbie of all Share Tea drinks, ice-blended strawberry with lychee de coco.

For the more mature palates, this pretty in pink concoction might be too fancy and sugary, looks better than it tastes. The flavors just don’t work together, I guess even Elle Woods would agree with me.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

Berry, Berry Strawberry

Berry Strawberry

I happen to love anything strawberry.
Strawberry Shortcake, the greeting card character. The cutest!
Strawberry shortcake, the cake. Exquisito!
Strawberry parfait. A childhood paborito. (Laoagueños, remember Hot Stuff?)
Frozen strawberry daiquiris. Eeek, disco days!
Chocolate-dipped fresh strawberries. Mmm, Ghirardelli!
Fresh strawberry smoothie. Wee, I just had a tall glass:)
Hand-select succulent strawberries… it’s more fun in the Philippines!

Strawberry Picking (in La Trinidad Valley)

Thanks to the Cordilleras’ subtropical highland climate, Baguio has become synonymous with strawberries.

About 10 kilometers from the heart of Baguio (every Pinoy child’s dream destination) are La Trinidad Valley’s 66 hectares of strawberry fields, simply called the Strawberry Farm. Experience strawberry-picking to your heart’s content within November and May!

Guess what else is berry Pinoy in Strawberry Farm?

More strawberry than Cobunpue’s:)5 pesos per shot on the strawberry chair:)Strawberry Key ChainsHandmade strawberries.Strawberry Coin PursesHand Knitted Strawberry Mobile Phone Cases
La Trinidad sorbetero (ice cream man)…
Sorbetero (Ice Cream Man)
Strawberry sorbetes (“dirty” ice cream)…
Pinoy Strawberry Sorbetes ("Dirty" Ice Cream)
Strawberry-flavored Lengua de Gato milk cookies…
Strawberry Lengua de Gato
And taho with strawberries in syrup!
Strawberries in syrup (with taho)

The Classics
Strawberries by the basket…
Strawberries by the basket
Strawberries by the box…
Strawberry StandStrawberry MarketFresh Strawberries
Forever the pasalubong…
Strawberry Jam
Shades of strawberry…everlasting garlands.
Everlasting (from the Land of Strawberries)

On a side note, La Trinidad was our original destination. The Land Cruiser the men were supposed to check out was too pink. Kidding aside, I had fun photographing Strawberry Land in sixty seconds.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012