Who says eco-friendly shoes are ugly?

I found this gorgeous pair of vegan Chinese Laundry high-heels online. You might be asking — “Just what are eco-friendly footwear?” These are shoes made out of sustainable and/or recycled materials — organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, man-made leather and other materials, such as recycled car tires and inner tubes, even eco-certified leather and suede. Buying a pair of  leather free, animal free and cruelty free footwear instead of the usual PURE LEATHER footwear, a fashion-conscious  would easily crave for, will mean much for the environment. Even Stella McCartney has her own line of environment-friendly stuff. There are a lot of choices in the market. All you need to have is discernment and the will power to keep your cravings in control. If you’re still a non-vegan like me, perhaps, you can start with shoes.