Bring in the SUP

My family from Hawaii and Manhattan Beach brought along an inflatable stand up paddle (SUP) board with graphics designed by my board designer cousin-in-law John Thomas himself. When you see the board, you’d think the board is not inflatable and you’d be amazed that it is rigid and made of some kind of high-tech material. So unlike any cheap China-made PVC inflatable water toy, it’s pretty expensive with mylar fibers. Living close to the beach in America, apart from having a lovely vacation house with an awesome view of Paoay Lake in Ilocos Norte, paddle boarding is second nature to them.

“The sport has become so in,” they say, but “it has been around for ages.”  In Hawaii, where stand up paddle surfing originated, it’s called “hoe he’e nalu”. In Ilocos, we do have the “rakit” made of bamboo poles.

Quite easy for Ericke who has tried the very visceral surfing at some point in her childhood.

My nephew Miles, JT’s son.

The board comes with a paddle and a pump.

There goes John “JT” Thomas

Its ocean worthiness even makes the inflatable  paddle board a better idea considering the convenience factor. Pumping air is a snap.

Building core strength and washboard abs while being close to nature — I guess we should take in from them! Slackening is so very out. The basics of SUP with JT, up next.

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