The Sta. Monica Church and Tree Hugging

A tree in the summerCentury-old Tree

Took the cue from the imposing ancient tree inside the Sta Monica Church Complex. Not a crazy idea. Hug a tree whenever you feel the need to revitalize. It’s a prescription from my masseuse, Judy. Of course do it the right way, facing the tree:)

Sta. Monica Church, Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

An Important Cultural Property declared by the National Museum, the 18th century Sta. Monica Church in the town of Sarrat is one of my favorite heritage sites in Ilocos. I intended to take interior shots, but the doors were closed.

Built in neoclassical style, the church has a dreamy, long aisle, making it popular for weddings. Several society weddings, like the 1983 Greggy Araneta-Irene Marcos nuptials and reception, were realized in the church complex.

Sta. Monica Church Convent, Sarrat, Ilocos NorteSta. Monica Church and Bell Tower, Sarrat, Ilocos Norte

A killer earthquake in 1983 damaged the belltower and the church’s facade and had to undergo restoration.

There’s a new museum housed in the convent, so I really will be going back. Have a lovely, restful  Sunday everyone!

Church Door

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