A school to learn how to break rules and take risks

Rimat  2014

Lucky are the kids who are able to develop their innate creativity. It is the whole idea behind the Special Program in the Arts (SPA) of the Ilocos Norte National High School. At this time, the only middle school program in the province designed to nurture imagination, artistry and confidence as well as impart technical skills. The program turns 10 this year, and it has produced world-class talents such as the multi-awarded Samiweng Singers.

I have so much respect for the institution. And the refreshing freedom of artistic expression if we were to talk about last night’s recital and exhibit.

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A secondary school for budding artists in Ilocos

“What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.”

APIT by Jenica Melchor

The Ilocos Norte National High School (INNHS), the premier high school of the north,  offers specialized curricula with high academic standards; one of them is the Special Program In The Arts (SPA), now on its 10th year. Little is known about the excellent program — the building blocks of artistically-inclined youngsters in the fields of music, drama and theater, visual arts, media arts, creative writing and dance. An overall academic performance of an average not lower than 85% is a requirement — tough, I guess, it should be. There has to be that flaming passion for arts… and culture… to be able to keep up. I can imagine how torturous it could be for a child to be thrown into a school for the arts, and in the arts, if the arts were not his thing. It feels the same, I’m sure, when a creative child is not allowed to let his talents blossom 😦

As School Year 2010 ends in a week’s time, the IV–SPA Luna-Obusan Batch 2010 staged it’s final presentation and exhibit, which I got to attend,  at the INNHS Centennial Park last Thursday, March 18. Infused with much Ilocano-ness, the recital — dubbed Apit (harvest in English), and described as  ‘a celebration of man’s gratefulness in reaping the fruits of rich imagination and creatively projected spheres of artistry in the performing arts and non-performing arts’  — was still and all contemporary, fresh and entertaining… the young artists, very promising. I am totally impressed that preservation of the Ilocano  heritage and culture is one of the goals of the INNHS-SPA. Kudos to the faculty and students!! BTW, INNHS won top honors and the hundred thousand grand prize  in the Pamulinawen Festival 2010 Street Pageantry.


From the young artists…


Nurtured craft bestowed from Abraham’s bosom limbered up with sweat and elbow grease plugged grips for cogent blob of passion inspired with the stellar love for d’ arts ergo the spirits of immortal virtuosos upsurge! and we loom from sheer fountainhead as confessed incipient artists on leading edge in the mighty name of figurative, abstract and conceptual art ours is a magnum opus kindled by scads of people in the springtime of our fledging lives from the pith of our souls, we give thanks to thee — NCAA, mentors, parents, extraordinaire batch 2010 and a manifold of nameless mob thank to you; this credit be heard in the heavens…

skillfully trained and honed through the years

Tagnawa (Bayanihan) Dance Troupe


Aweng Iloco - Piano

The next Mozart?

Aweng Iloco - Violin

And Vanessa Mae?

Aweng Iloco - Solo Voice

shadow play by the Pitak ken Palete (Mud and Palette): Visual Arts

Guest of Honor and Speaker:
Mrs. Araceli Drake
Director, Museo Iloco
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