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Coffee for the thighs, let’s drink to that!


Will tell you more about this Espresso Coffee pure vegetal gycerin soap, from the anti-cellulite series of Phina’s Little Factory (available at Red Dot), if it works great. Some anti-aging weaponry, you can also actually use this firming blend even on the face I read (hahah!) ‘coz glycerin is really soothing.

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Handcrafted Lather Goods

Lather Goods

I’ve tried at least 2 variants of Lather Goods and might as well share them with you. Don’t you love the name? The label is as native to Laoag as chicharon (bagnet to other places in Ilocos). Kidding aside, they are kind on the skin. Best of all, I love the squeaky clean afterfeeling, without that tightness nor that slippery-film-like ickiness.

Lather Goods

I asked Marianne Pasion, one of the brains behind Lather Goods, what made them venture into bath and beauty. “My sisters, girl cousins and I are secretly so into organic and home-made skincare products. That’s when we decided to sell soaps. Lather Goods classic soaps are called ‘sudbars’ because we wanted to make sure that bath time is always fun. Sudbars are soft, a little easy to squish unlike commercial soap bars because we wanted them to be made with less lye (preservative) which cause most skin irritations. Also, because the main ingredients are naturally sourced, they only have a shelf-life of 5-6months. They lather up like liquid bath gels. It’s like a bar of bath gel, we think.”

Also asked her how the market is receiving their sudbars. She says, “I would sell them to close friends lang and didn’t expect that a lot pala online were interested and crazy about organic soaps. They actually call themselves ‘organiholics/soap hoarders/soapaddicts’ etc. on Instagram. A lot are professionals and  teenagers from the Metro who really take time to review all the soaps they use. We expected that the market in Laoag City is stronger than putting it online that’s why we only entered the online market mid last year. Apparently, the moment we launched them on Instagram, we got a lot of buyers on the first week and they keep on coming back naman, and so eager pa to send in their feedbacks and reviews. Because of this, we also started to add in new skincare goodies like Face Cremes and Body Cremes. We plan to sell toners and a really nice sunblock before summer starts. This February, we will be launching new soap bars, again, because we plan to slowly upgrade the look and contents of our soaps.”

Lather GoodsThe Tomato Glow and Milk & Oats! I’ve lathered up with.

Check out the interesting lineup. Prices are yummy too, I’m tempted to try all.

The Sudbar Collection


Natural extracts from marinwort and seaweeds help in firming and softening the skin. It also helps repair skin’s elasticity and prevents damaged skin caused from free radicals.

Lycopene content from tomatoes neutralizes skin moisture leaving it refined and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores. Tomato glow also whitens the skin giving it a natural pinkish and healthy glow.

Organic lemon extract naturally prevents acne and controls oily skin. It also acts as natural bleach to help whiten the skin. Lemon love is rich in Vitamin C and contains enzymes that firm and soften skin.

Brightens skin with alpha-arbutin and licorice extracts, helps lighten dark spots caused by sun damage and scars. It is packed with natural collagen content which also delays the form of wrinkles.

Packed with natural AHAs from fruit extracts that exfoliates dull skin, lightens the skin with glutathione and keeps it healthy with Vitamin C and Beta Carotene.

Bursting with a high level of antioxidant, this sudbar contains full amount of Beta Carotene which speeds up cell renewal. It locks in moisture and evens out skin complexion leaving you with brighter and younger looking skin.


It contains preserved moringa leaves then powderized, which help in exfoliation. Extract from moringa also naturally whitens the skin and keeps it moisturized. It also prevents acne, skin irritations and cleanses wounds.

Made with chips of milk and oatmeal, it scrubs off skin for a moisturized and soft feeling. It is perfect for sensitive skin and whitens with added special ingredients such as glutathione and rosehip oil.

It has bits of guava leaves to exfoliate the skin which help in preventing skin cell damage, acne, and irritations. It whitens and balances skin moisture with natural guava antioxidants. Guava -voom also naturally reduces oily skin.


It contains whitening ingredients such as Vitamin C, Glutathione and Kojic. This sudbar safely and effectively brightens skin with natural extracts from Papaya, Guava, Licorice, Moringa, and Seaweed. It encourages skin cell renewal and heals acne with Salicylic Acid while skin is kept moisturized and healthy with Rosehip Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our Kaleidosoap Sudbars contain high amount of VCO and glycerin to keep skin moisturized, healthy & glowing. It looks and smells so good that its guaranteed to keep skin fresh and smooth the whole day – that’s why we nicknamed it our Good Vibes Sudbar too!

 photo by Lather GoodsPhoto from Lather Goods.

NEW Soap Bars this year:
All of these soaps contain high-grade VCO, natural extracts, and essential oils. They are all based in pure vegan glycerin.

MILK & MATCHA (Green Tea) is always a perfect combination. Rich goat’s milk moisturizes, lighten, and soften skin while the extracts from matcha leaves naturally produces an anti-aging factor to keep skin renewed after every wash. At the same time, it keeps skin protected from harsh radicals. Green tea acts as a natural deodorizer as well keeping you fresh all day. This soap bar also has alpha-arbutin which is known to whiten skin and even out skin tone to a healthier glow. 180php

ACTIVATED BAMBOO CHARCOAL was popularized in japan, traditionally used during the old times as a natural detoxifying agent for the skin. The active char of bamboo act as tiny micro magnets pulling out dirt and other free radicals that soap alone cannot wash away. This soap bar is formulated with naturally sourced Kojic powder to keep skin tight while it rapidly evens out skin tone for lighter skin which is safer than commercial whitening soaps. 135php

RED WINE is not only good when paired with steaks but it too has really amazing benefits for the skin. Because red wines are made from rich flavorful citrus fruits, it works perfectly as an anti oxidant and anti-aging remedy for the skin. Also, the rich natural sugar contents help produce more lather, which help in moisturizing skin effectively. 120php

PURE SHEA BUTTER is known for its super moisturizing benefit on the skin. Not only does it keep skin supple and soft but also keeps it protected from harsh UV waves from the sun due to its natural skin protecting content. Shea Butter soap from Lather Goods is perfect for children, lactating moms, and moms-to-be too! 120php

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Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015