Getting there

winning poster, Poster Making Contest (Theme: Forest for Water and Wetlands), S.K.I.L.L.S. League

Expressing my appreciation and thanks to the organizers of the 1st Provincial Tourism and Hospitality Management Inter-School Competition 2011, held at the Teatro Ilocandia, Mariano Marcos State University-Batac Campus, for giving me the wonderful opportunity of judging the poster making contest and fashion show/contest with an ecology theme.

I am impressed with the students’ good grasp of environmental issues. Celebrating Tourism Month with activities focusing on knowledge and skills enhancement as a way to promote environmental awareness is praise-worthy, insomuch as keeping tourism sustainable is a challenge of the real world.

[Awesome recycled fashion creations. Read: Very. Fashion-Forward.][Winner, Best Model and Best Designer (Oliver Ramos, NWU). Very wearable recycled tutu skirt made of used  juice packs.]

NWU group

MMSU-Batac group

MMSU-Batac group

[I am amazed that there are electric jeepneys servicing the campus.][Ericke, who came with me, was an accidental judge in the fashion competition.]
[We stopped by the Paoay Church on our way home. Couldn’t resist being shot.]

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