Ma Mon Luk’s Masuki Siopao

The hubby’s trip to Binondo is never complete without a quick stop at Masuki on Benavides for a hearty mami and siopao meal and a few siopao boxes to go.

What used to be the iconic Ma Mon Luk Restaurant that Ma Mon Luk,  the Chinese chicken noodle soup peddler from China’s Guangdong province, built is now Masuki. Ma Mon Luk’s “gupit”, soup with chicken strips and scissor-cut noodles, also known as mami, became a byword throughout the nation.

Carrying on the tradition, Ma Mon Luk’s family continued on with the business and renamed the restaurant Masuki amidst labor disputes. Legend has it that the patriarch, who started the business by plodding along the streets of Manila with a bamboo pole and steel containers on each end, departed with misaligned shoulders.

Ma Mon Luk’s other popular creation, the asado siopao with roast pork strips has been consistently the same. Great kinda rough texture, tasty asado meat… old school.

The hubby uses the siopao sauce on his mami.

I also don’t like sauce on my Masuki siopao. I like it pure… SUPER YUM!

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