My mom was a Divisoria zombie. She’d find excuses to travel to Manila to shop at this paradise for virtually anything. Topping her list would be tela (fabric). Though she’d also snatch up cheap talangka-rich alimango (crabs) and suahe (prawns). I’d tag along and we would find ourselves savoring fresh native ube halaya-laden halo-halo and the yummiest palabok in a random stand on grungy Ilaya Street. Everything, except the wares, was crude back then. I got my Sanrio from Japan from a hidden stall long before they were even available at National Bookstore. Pedicabs were still imaginary. We’d often go home on a calesa, passing Quiricada and I would start thinking Indian pana kakana kaka.

Today, Divisoria is still The Shopping Destination in the Philippines. Specialty items are harder to find, but there’s nothing one can’t find in this shopper’s haven unless you’re dreaming real luxury.

Divisoria Street FoodRainbow BandsDalandanDivisoria 2Suha
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Baguio Photo Diary: PNKY Collection

Baguio's PNKY Collection

Before heading out to Baguio, I actually planned on visiting the PNKY Collection and Café on Leonard Wood Road. I discovered they have another shop at the Baguio Country Club where we were billeted, and so I entered and browsed through the well-edited eclectic collection.  Now I know exactly where to go when I need something in future home decorating projects.


A wonderful moment, I was talking to a voice from the little office and when I turned around, the voice was from Ms. Pynky Magsino, the owner of PNKY and the lovely mom of Flickr friend Liana Garcia Joyce, who I featured together with her photography in the blog (here). I spontaneously asked her for a photo op. Afterall, I’m a fan of Liana’s photography and it is such an honor to be photographed with her equally creative mom. She’s also a very nice lady. The wooden camera in the collection is testament to the family’s love for photography.

Meeting my Flickr friend's momPNKY Vintage Jewelry

The familiar exotic Tinguian or Itneg accessories and clothing surely caught my attention. The unique, colorful Filipino-made minauderies too. A great stop in Baguio if you’re into uncommon things.

Tinguian BeadsPNKY CollectionMinauderiesPNKY Collection

PNKY Collection Baguio 13 Leonard Wood Rd., Baguio, Philippines Contact: 074 444 5418/0922 818 4247
PNKY Collection Baguio Country Club Country Club Drive Baguio, Philippines Contact: 074 442 5352/ 074 619 2050 local 529
PNKY Collection Makati Showroom LRI Design Plaza 210 N. Garcia St. (Reposo), Makati, Philippines Contact” 02 403 0392/ 0922 818 4237
Email: pnkycollection@gmail.com Check their website: http://www.pnkyhome.com

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