Estancia Roadside Barbecuhan opens at Shop and Go, Laoag

Estancia BBQ

Pasuquin’s Josie Barbeque was part of an old post in the blog (here). It’s the yummy peppery sauce that’s made this budget barbeque popular with locals passing by the northern town. Good news, guys ands gals, it’s now grilling at the Shop & Go – Bacarra Rd! One stick costs 2 pesos more than Pasuquin’s, but at 8 pesos, pleasingly still cheaper than most barbeques around. It’s the ketchup-free taste though that counts. You’d find Josie’s son, Jonathan, doing his routine at the stand, from 4 to 10 PM.

Pinoy BBQTravoltified

Also Grilling… where on earth did the aging John Travolta get Adele Dazeem?  I got Brian Edbrards here.

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Sari-Sari Store

Convenience stores are sprouting like mushrooms in Laoag. We went food-hunting at our favorite Shop & Go on Halloween night. I like it there because my money stretches far. Ericke drinks their coffee usually while Brandon alternates between dumplings and frozen yogurt. I got rigatoni pasta, Japanese siomai and kimchi. I know, so very strange! It’s united flavors, yum!This is actually the weirdest  product I’ve encountered. Cashing in on the Filipinos’ fondness for whitening stuff, papaya-and-glutathione is not only limited to soaps and creams now. I died!Just when we were about to leave, a plateful of atang makes a dramatic entrance at the store. I ended up taking photos of the owners and the treats (thanks, guys!). It’s an Ilocano thing — a traditional offering for the reposed — there’s busi (popped rice with tagapulot, like caramel popcorn) and an assortment of sticky rice cakes (baduya, patupat and linapet). Atang commonly includes pinais, mama (bua, gawed and apog) and tabaco.Have a happy long weekend, everyone! Don’t forget to say a prayer for your dear departed.

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