Dinner with My Two Boys

Hot Hero and Garlic and Cheese Pizza

Shakey’s has left me with fond memories of my youth. In every summer, there was always a nice Shakey’s story.

Ever since it arrived in the north, I’ve always known where to take my boys. The love for thin crust pizza has become a family thing. The flavors have evolved through the years, but the old favorites remain the best. I can’t have Manager’s Choice and Friday Special as often as I’d want to, yet simple garlic and cheese (the only pizza for Eugene) is enough to satiate the appetite for pizza

No Shakey’s dinner is complete without a Hot Hero, still the zingy sandwich that leaves you craving for a second one.

CalamaresShrimp Scampi

New on the menu, Shrimp Scampi bathed in olive oil and herbs and extra-crispy Calamari Crrrunch with two dips didn’t disappoint. But if you’re eating with someone like Brandon, I guess you have to order more.

Empty Plates
Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014


Crazy cravings! I usually order thin crust Ultimate Garlic and Cheese with extra anchovy topping, or Manager’s Choice from Shakey’s Pizza Delivery, but the hubby wanted all-meat, and because he was picking the tab… sure, whatever.

My verdict: The Thin Crust Hi-Protein Supreme is my new ultimate pig-out food. The combined sweet and salty flavors of all the meats on it tickles the palate. I just wish the crust were more crispy.

What perfect food on a lethargic rainy evening! But where’s the root beer?

Shakey’s 365 Mall, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Tel No. (077) 670-6480.