The Best Places for a Selfie in Ilocos Norte

With the dawning of the digital age, we talk and talk more through pictures. We’ve flooded the social media with our duck faces, crossed eyes, peace signs, hand hearts, jump shots, hahah, amusing antics (sometimes costly) and, well, our restless wandering feet. The advent of the monopod, GoPro, sophisticated drone, and whatnot, have made us even more ambitious and extreme to feed our wanderlust. We want ourselves to be part of that most picturesque tree, the most cottony clouds, the most mysterious territory and so on. The whole selfie thing has turned many to be masters of details. And we’re all loving it.

Check out the most uncontrived places for a selfie in Ilocos Norte. You can scale a mountain or, perhaps, just stand over the Patapat Viaduct.

Once and again, a picture says a thousand words. Find your piece of heaven.

Saud Beach Cove
Saud Beach CovePagudpud
Balaoi, Pagudpud
Eugene and the WaveBalaoi selfie
Mt. Palemlem, Adams
Anuplig Falls, Adams
Anuplig dive
Lover’s Peak, Adams
Lover's PeakAround Ilocos
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Burgos
Kapurpurawan 2Kapurpurawan
Tanap-Avis Falls, Burgos
Tanap-Avis Falls
Bangui Windmills
Bangui WindmillsWindmills
Solsona-Apayao Road
Solsona-Apayao Road
Laoag “La Paz” Sand Dunes
sand duneslaoag sand Dunes 2Laoag Sand DunesLaoag Sand Dunes
The Paoay Church
Paoay Church
And, of course, the coastal villages.
Badoc Beach
And the countryside.
Kabigan Falls

*With major thanks to Dei Cimatu, Phillip Co, Irma Tan, Arthur Valiente, Eugene Tan, Ericke Tan, Hembee Josa, Ivon Domingo, Dennis Torrecampo, JR Borja, Elizer Manuel, Glenn Tumaneng, LEAD Movement, Luis Monroy, Jao, Eloissa Natividad for the selfies.

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