Flat Feel

Finding nothing in my closet that would fit my frame of mind for a social happening this Saturday, I went out to hunt for a “demure” dress, my own interpretation of the sine qua non as illustrated in the invite. Though how much I would like to share with you the fete’s uncommon concept, the first ever I’ve encountered, with all due respect, I really don’t want to preempt my friend’s once-in-a- lifetime event. Promise, after Saturday. Well, anyways, it was this pair of t-bar sandals that brought me to the modern Gatsby dress, I found at the teen section, which miraculously fit, after trying on several dresses and was about to settle on a playsuit that looked more like a dress in a color I actually don’t like.  As you might have observed, I can’t resist sandals in redundant nude/brown tones, in styles not far from utilitarian, never screaming “new shoes”, and perhaps to other women may appear trite or even downright ugly. I’m drawn to delicious colors, but not when it comes to footwear. In short, I intentionally buy laid-back shoes (which, by the way, good pairs are hard to find) to contradict/balance my colorful tops. Not to mention my pixie do is too androgynous that I avoid head to toe drama, if you get my drift. And I own only a few pairs of high heels and wear them only when the occasion calls for something dressy. In tans/nudes/blush/matte gold:)

Showed Ericke my finds, but I can’t get her to agree with the Malaysian-made VNC side-zip t-bar sandals. Her allusion to a certain manner of dressing (a bit offensive to print) triggered a protracted discussion. Here’s a collage to justify my choice. I’d love to own all if given the chance. I think t-bar sandals have that really nice quirky factor. We’ve seen enough reincarnations, from old school to fisherman style, to sexified versions like the YSL Tribute, which has reached iconic status.

If others live in boots or hi-heels, my feet are happier in airy strappy sandals.

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Jelly and Beans

country road

“Road testing” my new pair of jellies, a gift from my friend Me-Ann, who has always been more than gracious.

Jelly Nelly T-Strap Sandals

The unbelievably soft t-strap sandals (with no pinching whatsoever) are from Jelly Nelly, a pretty new Filipino company. Saw them in Preview last summer and wanted a pair after discovering they’re vegan. Besides, they’re laid-back, yet unboring and easy to clean. They also come in girls’ sizes. Alexa’s asking me for a pair of lilacs since she outgrew her old pair of Grendha t-straps. Mom-and-daughter fashion has never been this fun!

Jelly Nelly

Rain or shine, they’re appropriate, at least for me.

During my lifetime, jelly shoes, specifically fisherman sandals, reincarnated three times. Funny how fashion comes and goes, and then comes back to haunt you again.

Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea

Literally full of beans, my fourth Share Tea drink is matcha red bean milk tea. Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea that’s grown in the shade. I like it that the matcha was mild, but the beans were kinda overcooked. If you’ve tried green tea ice cream, it’s like a thinner melted one.

I’ve always loved azuki beans. My earliest memory of red beans is the tip of the now defunct local Majestic popsicle, like cherry on top. Those were so good!

Two sweet memories of my growing years:)

Photos by Surprisingly Kitsch and Blauearth
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