The carinderia with no name


Location: Don S. Hernando Ave. (near K’s Bakeshop or the buko roll store), Laoag

Specialties: Salpicao, imbaliktad, beef curry, pares

Ambiance: Streetside, nondescript.

Prices: 50-60 PHP for beef viands, 10 PHP for fried rice. Bone marrow is free (if you ask).

Verdict: If you’re tired of budget food like tapsilog, this is the place to go. If you are budgeting for two, like you have less than 100 pesos to spend, go for salpicao but get one more rice. It’s cooked in margarine, but that’s good ‘coz it’s healthier. On the spicy side, it is tasty with lots of garlic. Pares is supposed to be the star, but is getting eclipsed by salpicao and imbaliktad, says Eki, the young owner. 17-year-old Genesis says bone marrow is anti aging (laughs), so he asked for bone marrow (straight from the fridge) and added it to his hot pares and waited a bit for the bone marrow to thaw. Pares tastes like a cross between corned beef and beef stew. Even better with bone marrow. I ditched rice when I started my Javita diet, but cheated to enjoy the food. Definitely going back again.

Carinderia EatingPinoy CondimentsCarinderia
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JAM Food Angus Salpicao within reach

JAM Food and Co. Salpicao

I slept the whole afternoon. It’s so weird that my energy dipped after drinking a hot Milo splashed with milk. I woke up past dinnertime and missed the tocino (which we rarely have, btw). The JAM Food & Co. Angus beef salpicao I ordered from Me-ann Cua-Macaraeg of The Little M’s Food Venture (yes, in Laoag!) came in handy. It just arrived from the kitchens of Chef John Cu-Unjieng.  I ate it with the half cup leftover rice and it sucks ‘coz it was so bitin for the nicely marinated extra tender beef. The whole peppercorns were bursting with spicy kick, giving me an energy surge. Hahah, beefed up!

The tapa reviewers say is the best around follows. For Ilocos residents: the details are in the image below.

Chef John and Michelle Cu-Unjieng

Little Ms Food Venture

Chef John and Michelle Cu-Unjieng

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