Young Ilocana Blogger/Writer/Photojournalist Ivon Domingo bags Philippine Quill Award of Excellence

Ivon Domingo-Quill Award

A blog post entitled “Understanding the Philippine’s Power Supply Chain, at Bakit wala kaming kuryente eh hindi naman binagyo ang poste sa (tapat ng bahay) namin” wins Ivon Claire Domingo the Philippine Quill Award for Excellence, under Communication Skills (Writing) Division. Given by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Philippines, Quill is the Philippines’ most prestigious and relevant award for business communicators.

Ivon Domingo-Quill Awards

Ivon takes very good photos, in fact, her photos have been published in publications, took up journalism at UP, and according to her blog blurb, has lived alone and nomadic since 16, has had 9 home addresses, made permanent residence in 6 cities and had 6 legit jobs in less than 4 years of catapulting from one industry to another.

BlauEarth asks Ivon, how does it feel winning a Quill for a blog post that was steered to answer basic ranting about “basic” kuryente on social media? “(Uhm), well first, it came as a surprise to me, being that I did not really write it to win an award. It was not my goal. I just wanted to enlighten people in the way that I can (writing), using the resources or channels available to me (my blog), at a time when information was direly needed. I guess it also was, to me, an affirmation that people do read what I write afterall (ha ha!), and that blogging is not just a form of vanity but it can actually be utilized to inform, educate and enlighten, as long as the intent is sincere.”

Congratulations, Ivon!

Photos courtesy of ViewFinders Keepers
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