Shampoo Review: LUSH Copperhead Shampoo Bar

Hair Soap

Since J.R. Liggett’s old-fashioned shampoo, which I liked bringing to camping trips when we were exploring the great outdoors almost every weekend, my hair is seeing a new bar shampoo. It’s the other hair wash product I got from LUSH. It’s called Copperhead, one of LUSH’s newest handcrafted shampoo bars. Daddy-O turned out wonderful for my colored-treated hair, yet I like alternating shampoos to give my hair rest periods like spring cleaning.

Copperhead contains freshly ground coffee mixed with henna, moisturizing roasted cocoa extract, agar agar seaweed gel, rosemary, fresh lemon juice and vanilla scent. The amount of henna in this bar is for loads of shine, safe for color-processed hair and great for natural dark hair, said the store assistant

LUSH Copperhead

The scent from the Copperhead bar is intimidating at first. Earthy and herby notes overpower the sweet notes of vanilla. After using the bar, the scent of Copperhead in the hair is fresh and, hahah, likable.

A bar is enough for 80 washes or so, LUSH says. However, it might not last me 80 washes because my hair seems to enjoy more a good, thick lather. My hair appears more vibrant, feels airy, doesn’t flatten out, even through hot and humid beach weather..

Copperhead is package-free. I like eco-friendly ideas, so it’s fine with me. I recycled one of my used Bench Fix hair product containers into my perfect shampoo bar dish and traveling case.

LUSH Copperhead Shampoo Bar

Use a shampoo bar like you’d lather up with an ordinary soap.LUSH Shampoo BarsLUSH Copperhead Shampoo BarAt the LUSH store.

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Shampoo review: LUSH Daddy-O

Lush Hair Care

Don’t know if it’s too much exposure under the sun or my last hair color because I switched brands, but my hair has been acting up lately. I tried to counteract the dullness with leave-in conditioners, but noticed a nasty build-up which is making it even more difficult to manage. We passed by a LUSH store in Serendra and it so happened that newer hair care products were the focal point in the display. I didn’t think twice about purchasing the smallest (3.3 fl oz) bottle of Daddy-O, after all it was created to banish brassiness in blonde hair and brighten graying hair, as the shampoo has a violet tone, so if you check the color wheel, violet is the direct opposite of yellow. I surmised it helps maintain colored hair as well, especially that it contains conditioning ingredients like lemon and seaweed.

I’m not too keen on reading ingredients one by one. Critics say it contains SLS. There’s a protracted debate about the carcinogenicity of the surfactant SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate (a surface active ingredient which makes shampoo or soap more foamy) — but LUSH says (here), SLS is just 10% in Daddy-O. Perhaps negligible, perhaps not. To my belief, carcinogens are lurking everywhere.


In a matter of 3 shampoos, my hair was perceptibly softer that I went back to LUSH to get the biggest bottle. It’s also a lot shinier and easier to style. The scent is kinda grassy and old-fashioned, like your grandmother’s perfume, but the scent has grown on me.

Lush Daddy-OThe other sizes are 16.9 and 8.4 fl oz.

I got 2 other LUSH hair products and will talk about them separately.

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Better Brows with Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

Anastacia Brow Powder Duo Dark Brown

It took me so difficult to get hold of the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo. The first one I asked Ericke to buy for me mysteriously disappeared while mom was supposed to take it to Laoag from LA. So Ericke had to purchase another one and drive all the way to Samantha’s office and Sam carried the minuscule black box with her to Laoag. Don’t ever overzealouslytweeze your brows! Someone made my brows disappear when I was sixteen and they were never the same again. So now, everyday, I fill in to make them look like I’m not channeling Marlene Dietrich. I’ve been using MAC Espresso for the longest time, then I switched to K-Palette, but it added like an hour more to draw extra hair.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

Ericke got me Dark Brown which works very nice ‘coz I’ve gone 2 shades darker with my hair. I specified not to get something with a reddish undertone, and so far, I’m loving the taupish tones the duo create. I didn’t know she threw another one in Soft Brown into the purse she gave me. It applies like the MAC eyeshadow powder I’ve been using, but without the smudge. My current bang is brow length, and Anastasia keeps my brows in shape.

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

You can adjust with the opacity. It doesn’t come with a brush, so an angled brush is necessary. The product is pricey, but all worth it.

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