Eating Chinese at Hap Chan

Polonchai Soup

Though we live in the center of proliferating chain restaurants, we don’t eat out quite often. At home, our dining table is a cultural mash-up. Thanks to Lynne who prepares great Chinese food along with traditional Ilocano food like imbaliktad, dinakdakan, pinakbet and dinardaraan. Last night, friends picked us up to dine at Hap Chan, 2 blocks west of the building where we live. I enjoyed more on this second din-din. The first time was on the restaurant’s opening week. It was full and everyone got kinda claustrophobic. Not to mention a scary few seconds earthquake was felt in the Ilocano Heroes Hall turned Ilocano Heroes mall. So anyway, polonchai soup was served first. Polonchai is Chinese spinach and Hap Chan’s version of the green soup is light and nice. The addition of threads of artificial crab and noodles is creative.

Seafood Noodles

I didn’t like much the ordinary kind of noodles in the seafood noodles. But Hap Chan bounced back with the simplicity of brocolli with profuse fried garlic. I never imagined the two to be an exquisite combination. The salt and pepper squid was nicely fried and the seasoning was not overpowering, allowing  the appreciable squid flavor.

Broccoli in Garlic and Salt and Pepper SquidHot Prawn Salad

Tropical mangoes in hot prawn salad is something new. It worked! Altogether, it was a fine dinner.

HongKong Lemonade and Milk Tea
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