Ang buhay ay color color lang

At a meeting in LA yesterday, I heard Leni was set to file her CoC for president. Pacquiao, Marcos Jr., Ping, and Yorme Isko have already made theirs official. When I arrived home, news of her filing were all over the net. Pink, suddenly, was trending. Not BBM’s pink shirt nowadays, but Leni’s new yellow. The rebranding is refreshing. For having the courage of her convictions, she deserves more the girl power pink.

News from my city of birth, Laoag, was getting interesting too. The same old political parties running against each other now include first time politicos and surprisingly a seasoned one I thought has already retired from the political arena. I noticed the newbies are mostly from the business sector. Just a thought that crossed my mind, let us all pray for economic recovery for the greater good and not for a politician’s own personal enrichment, especially during these turbulent times.

Like I said in my last post after the May 2019 elections, anything can happen before the May 2022 elections. The Keon and Lazo pairing is now officially off. Both are running against former mayor CVF. Manong Rudy’s eldest son Carlos is Chevylle’s running mate. Marcos Jr.’s heir, rookie politician Sandro, officially attempts to snatch the Ilocos Norte District I congressional seat from incumbent Rudy Fariñas’ daughter Ria, who has shown she can stand on her own.

Among the reds, the pinks and the greens, the only noticeable yellow I saw was the shirt of Manong Poco Aurelio when he went to file his CoC for Laoag City Councilor as an independent candidate.

Best of luck to all the candidates! Please make it clean, and color the future bright.


Conjugal Leadership

Melanie and Alfredo Valdez

Mayor and Mrs. Michael V. Farinas

Chevylle and Michael Fariñas

The stark parallelism of the highly anticipated official election returns in the mallified town of San Nicolas and city of Laoag, both intense areas in the just concluded midterm elections, shows a constituency with a mind-set for a family-run affair.  The similitude ends however in regard to support from unopposed reelectionist Governor Imee Marcos, with the Valdezes running independently and the Fariñases under the One-Ilocos Norte ticket, a seeming manifestation that Ilocos Norte is not really one, politically, debunking the Solid North myth.

Alfredo and Michael are about to complete their terms as mayor, while their wives, Melanie and Chevylle, will be taking over the top posts, with the husbands as vice and next presiding official of the sanggunian (council).

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2013