red, white and blue… vote pizza party!


The season’s as hot as the sun up north. Election campaign is just around the corner. Which color are you?

I’m the worst LEADer. I invited Marianne and Joan to eat out. I didn’t realize my pocket was enough only for isaw at Taya. LOL  The heavens brought us to Pizza Hut. Red, white and blue… three-cheese spinach pizza over you.

white on white3-cheese with spinach pizza!

It’s not because I didn’t pay for it, but this pizza from Pizza Hut rules.

Pizza Hut

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Shakey’s Pizzanatics

Ultimate Garlic Cheese

Ericke (and her gigantic maleta) just arrived from her three-month review class in Manila. She’s taking the NCLEX (licensure exam for nurses) soon. She’s actually the third nurse in the family. The dad took us to Shakey’s. Gee, thanks!

Shakey’s is a family favorite. The service is wonderful. They always accommodate requests like having mojos instead of Belgian fries that go with Classic Hot Hero or combining half-and-half pizza varieties. Most essentially, the food is consistently fantastic.

Half and half Margherita with extra anchovies and Shakey's Special

The hubby would have wanted to try the Black Angus Pizza, but it wasn’t available, so we had Shakey’s Special and their new Margherita Pizza with extra anchovies along with Ultimate Garlic Cheese Pizza, all thin crust. Brandon commented that the Margherita is good. It should be really good if he says so. The flavors of tomatoes and oregano spices on a pizza is something I haven’t seen from the American pizza parlor chain before. Ottimo pizza!

We love the Shakey’s Carbonara. One of the top two best carbonaras in town. The slightly salty ham just makes it more palatable. The young ones ordered more garlic bread with cheese.

Classic Hot Hero with mojos (request)

Shakey’s Hot Hero sandwich is a personal favorite. The hubby, too. The signature gourmet sandwich is even better from the last time we had it — oozing with anchovy sauce!

An aunt was also dining at Shakey’s and she asked how many children we have. She couldn’t believe we’ve reached a number that is so rare nowadays. The Catholic Church will love us. To tell you frankly, I haven’t even read the RH Bill.
We always use our pizzanatic supercard discount and loyalty card. It does a lot of help to us. The buy-one-take-one and free drink promo (for a minimum of P299 order)  just makes it easier on the pocket.

Shakey’s Pizza Second Level 365 Mall, Brgy. 1, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte Tel No. 077 6706480

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