red, white and blue… vote pizza party!


The season’s as hot as the sun up north. Election campaign is just around the corner. Which color are you?

I’m the worst LEADer. I invited Marianne and Joan to eat out. I didn’t realize my pocket was enough only for isaw at Taya. LOL  The heavens brought us to Pizza Hut. Red, white and blue… three-cheese spinach pizza over you.

white on white3-cheese with spinach pizza!

It’s not because I didn’t pay for it, but this pizza from Pizza Hut rules.

Pizza Hut

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Oh-so-good Pizza Hut parchment Seafood Supremo!

I tried Pizza Hut’s Seafood Supremo, fettuccine with squid, shrimp and scallop in creamy tomato sauce topped with capers and herbs, baked in parchment paper for sealed in goodness, and I must say — it was a gastronomic pleasure! It had everything I was looking for in a pasta dish — al dente noodles, rich-but-never-cloying flavors and delightfully hot and filling. The serving’s quite large, enough for two, but, oh boy, I ate every last bit of it!

Pizza Hut Robinsons Ilocos Norte, San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte
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