Tickling Pickles

Chinese pickled santol and mangoesChinese pickled santol and mangoes 2

Foraging in the fridge, I didn’t know these Chinese-style pickled santol (Sandoricum koetjape) and mangoes have been sitting there for quite some time now. Great! The longer these local fruits pickle, the better they are. A childhood delectation, these drool-inducing pickled tropical fruits are available only at Chinese delicatessen stores around the Metro. Sweet and sour santol was a specialty of the old Lollipops (owned by the Valencianos) near the Capitol. How I wish they revived that store! Mrs. Guia Valenciano made the butteriest butter cakes, btw. It was among our favorite hangouts back in grade school.

You gotta love these appetizing preserves. That’s why they’re called relish.

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