Venice Beach | Wings and Faith

The Kiss

My nephew, Alli, brings me with him to Venice Beach. A flawless morning, not too chilly nor scorching hot. Everywhere you look, there is animation. Absolute freedom on the beach.

Baby Birds

If there is one thing that I am learning in America — it is to grow back wings. And only with faith will one be able to take flight.

God can be too creative. He likes drama. He will make you cry, he will make you scream, he will make you lose your head, he will carry you, he will cry with you, he will give you choices, he will make you see, he will make you decide, he will lift you up.

DSC_1513Venice BeachVenice Beach SurfersVenice Beach SurferDSC_1506CaliforniaVenice Beach Morning SceneDSC_1564CaliLight WashVenice
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Joshua Tree National Park | Trailing the Sun

Cholla Garden Boardwalk

A happy week to everyone!

Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree National ParkMorning Rays
Cholla CactusA Thorny SpotWash of LightCholla Cactus
Cholla Cactus GardenCampingJoshua Tree National ParkFrom A Moving CarVivid YellowLost Palms Oasis TrailLost Palms Oasis TrailLost Palms OasisRockyCalifornia DesertLost Palms TrailJoshua Tree National ParkLost Palms OasisAt the end of the Lost Palms Oasis Trail

With special thanks to Marichi and Jonathan Lo for the adventure and photos of me.

Photographed by Tina Tan © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2015

Hot Palm Springs

Palm Springs

It’s either you’ll envy or loathe my new tan. Enjoyed much a weekend in Palm Springs. Ericke and I woke up an otherwise pacific pool, what with fellow-Laoagueña Anna around (this merits an entirely new story). My gracious sis-in-law Marichi prepared a delicious Japanese dinner complete with shabu-shabu and mochi ice cream. Sangria was a wonderful cap. Before sunrise the next day, we headed to Joshua Tree National Park. It’s actually my next post, breathtaking scenery in a most gorgeous earth palette.

I miss blogging more frequently. It has become a luxury. I hope you are doing well, everyone!

Pink DoorPalm Trees at High NoonDSC_0650=2If the pink door might be familiar to you, it is because it’s been used as a backdrop for several fashion blogs. 

Palm SpringsSucculentsWater and LightDipUntitledUntitledSushi PlateShabu-ShabuLolea sangriaMochi Ice CreamRising SunCholla Gardens at Joshua Tree National ParkJoshua Tree National ParkCoachella ValleyCoachella Valley
Palm Springs

Photographed by Tina Tan. Photos of author by Ericke Tan
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Family Time in Rancho Mirage


Rancho Mirage is in the Palm Springs area of California. It’s my only brother John’s city. My sister-in-law Marichi and yaya Tata we’re cooking a Filipino fiesta, complete with bellychon to celebrate my nephew Jonathan’s birthday. So mom and pop, my sister Nikko and I drove two hours to the desert. Dropped by the Cabazon outlets where it was super hot.

Through the car windowPalm SpringsRancho Mirage

I was seeing my brother’s gorgeous home for the first time. His old house was also at Rancho Mirage. That was where I spent brief vacations twice, once with the kids and another with the husband.

DSC_4028Birthday CakeJonathan and MargeDSC_4051Baked BellychonDSC_4055Kare-kare

Food was so good, especially the kare-kare with ox tail and lechon (inspired by their brother-in-law Oliver’s recipe). And the piña colada cake they got from Tony Bahama was pure paradise. Jonathan and I blew a red velvet cake. Talk about making another wish.

The gathering was beautiful though brief. Family photos have become so rare, like it took decades before another good ones.

DSC_4071Birthday CakePancitDSC_4052Dr. John Lo and familyFamilySiblingsThree GenerationsPopsieDSC_4034DSC_4115Palm Springs Sunset
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