Good morning, caffeine!


Coffee for the thighs, let’s drink to that!


Will tell you more about this Espresso Coffee pure vegetal gycerin soap, from the anti-cellulite series of Phina’s Little Factory (available at Red Dot), if it works great. Some anti-aging weaponry, you can also actually use this firming blend even on the face I read (hahah!) ‘coz glycerin is really soothing.

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Soap Love: Papaya Milkshake

Papaya Lather

The pure glycerin soaps by Phina’s Little Factory I featured last year is among my most visited posts. Phina’s handcrafted beauty must-haves, finally, are now also available in Laoag via Red Dot. My current love is Papaya Milkshake, but I also like Detox with clay and argan oil. Papaya Milkshake very gently exfoliates and evens out my skin from last summer, plus it smells naturally yummy.

Picture 123
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