“Merengue kuna na. Siak, meringue kuna ni nanang ko.”

Not to be confused with the Latin American dance or the Haitian music, meringue (pronounced muh-rang) is a pastry made with beaten egg whites and sugar. It is a bakery specialty of Batac City, the hometown of former president Ferdinand E. Marcos. Devoid of artificial food coloring, the delicate airy confection is uniquely intertwined into the food culture of Ilocos Norte. Meringue is known to have originated in London, but it was the Spaniards who brought the dessert to the country. I really don’t know why they call them merengue in the Philippines, pronounced as it is spelled. Meringue, merengue… whateva, basta nasamit ken naimas.

You can buy the heavenly sweets in Tops, Ilaga or Gemma’s in Batac.

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