Weekend Warriors Invade Banna’s ‘Paraiso ti Caribquib’

“Don’t leave me at the roadside.”

Destination: Banna, Ilocos Norte

7 year-old Alexa

Yes, she can!!

Triumphant smile

Euge at it.

“Yeah, swell… “

Thought it would be ‘gone in 17 seconds

Get me that rope!

Bye, see ya later…

Hang her up…

“I’m cool.”

So very new in Ilocos: Zipline Adventure

The mayor of Banna in Ilocos Norte, Carlito Abadilla II, was too cool to have invited us to try out the first zipline in Ilocos Norte, a project of the Barangay Council of Caribquib, Brgy. 18, Banna, headed by Barangay Captain Adonis Braceros Manuel, with the full support of the Local Government Unit of Banna. Paraiso ti Caribquib used to be a forest until April 2010, when they successfully finished the project.  Ecotourism development is paving the way to progress for this agricultural town in the eastern portion of Ilocos Norte.

Major Coolness!! The zipline travel is about 17 seconds (160 m long), but not for me! Just when I thought it was gonna be over, OMG! Okay, fine… I waited for that rescue rope. I suspect the culprit is the extra weight I gained from trying out all the food in my bloggables☺ Then again, it was one fine adventure in a very long time since my rappelling days.

From Banna, we traversed to Paoay through the Banna-Batac Road, which was about 30 minutes, minus the stopover in Batac. I’ll be blogging next about that other adventure, actually, another food adventure.


*Thanks to cousin Carly; Kapitan Adonis and Manong Kagawad Rolando Ranga for the company; and to the boys who assisted at Paraiso Ti Caribquib.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED