Palpalokada, Burgos: A photographer’s paradise

BTS: Ericke-Ivon fashion shoot in Palpalokada, Burgos (2)

Ilocos Norte’s best-kept secret is out. I first featured Palpalokada on on March 6, and surprisingly, it was the number 10 story on The wRap Your World in 10 March 7, 2012 Edition.

I later posted another story here in BlauEarth and since then, I’ve been receiving emails with all sorts of inquiries about the place which Mayor Cris Garcia introduced to us in an exclusive fam tour.

Three Sundays in a row, we were there to take photos. I tell you, time is never enough… there’s just the superabundance of natural beauty!

Last Sunday, Ericke invited her soul sister, photojournalist Ivon Domingo, to go with us to Palpalokada. OMG, you should have seen Ivon’s face as she got nearer the stage-like  edge of ‘paradise’… naloka, literally! If I heard her right, she  muttered, “kayat kon sa nga iyimot.” Understandable, that was also my initial reaction when I saw the place. It’s more of  fear of losing Palpalokada to exploiters and capitalists. I pray I didn’t commit a grave mistake by featuring this national treasure… keeping my fingers crossed.

BTS: Ericke-Ivon fashion shoot in Palpalokada, BurgosPalpalokadaIvon Domingo, young Ilocano photojournalistIvon gets down to the Earth.The blau-est backdrop I could ever find in IlocosI’m nearing my 4th year of blogging; hence the new look of my blog inspired by this photo. My friends Edna and photog Marianne Pasion suggested I should use this, but then I couldn’t just crop out that beautiful sky. It’s a good thing I realized I have a wonderful alternative, shot by Marc Nicolas the very first time we visited Palpalokada.RestIvon and ErickeEricke and IvonIvon and her museHikerTrekking in Palpalokadabeach forestIn bloomFather and daughterFather and daughter.

(Ericke’s own yellow Convertible Wrap Dress was designed by Ilocano fashion designer Jaynny Lao, who was featured in Style Files in this blog just recently. Check out her multi-way dress here.)

Watch out for the Ivon-Ericke collaboration on their  respective blogs, surprisinglykitsch and, soon.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

Gorgeous Burgos


Went back to Burgos on Sunday. We left the boys at the back of Kapupurawan while we drove to Palpalokada, but it was extremely windy, so Ericke and I had to settle for only a few shots, and then we all motored to Agaga, east of the poblacion, up in the mountains.

The trail was fresh… the earthy scent felt so good. While trekking to the Mamaruk River, Ericke was trying to take photos of a pretty butterfly. Sean and I talked about how nice it would be to camp out in the summer.

There’s still so much to discover in Burgos. Planning another trip this weekend.

city boysRenyPhotographedurban fairy taleorganicMamaruk ripplesdeep thoughts

Ericke's survival luggage. This will have to wait:)

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012

The Poetry of Palpalokada

The horsey set

LEAD Movement found time to go to Burgos to experience horseback riding in a place local vaqueros call Palpalokada. Other townsfolk call the rustic locale Bantoc, but I like the 5-syllable Palpalokada better — the sound fits the enchanting outback totally.

Remember that spelunking exploration I posted in November? I just discovered another delicious component of the whole enchilada.

Dori ti KabalyoExplorationPrimeval 2Two men and a baby{Burgos Mayor Cris Garcia and the hubby.}

MarcBudak 2BudakGetting around on a horseOutbackFresh PerspectiveI've been to paradise!Up on the reef, I got the most stimulating scene I’ve ever seen. Arizona meets Hawaii… magical, but real… legitimate awesomeness:)

Everything is photo-worthy, from the rock’s surface to the entangled thorny vines to the bewitched expression on the faces of Marc and Sean.


Windmills from a distanceWe made the most of our time til sundown.


Read more about Palpalokada on

*Special thanks to Mayor Cresente Garcia and the Pasto Communal of Burgos, Ilocos Norte

For inquiries, contact the Burgos tourism office at +63-77-7861408. Or call Mayor Cris Garcia: 0928-5510452, 0917-5190665  and Jonas Tesoro: 0928-5510381, 0905-3520633, 0915-5211885.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012