Hot Palm Springs

Palm Springs

It’s either you’ll envy or loathe my new tan. Enjoyed much a weekend in Palm Springs. Ericke and I woke up an otherwise pacific pool, what with fellow-Laoagueña Anna around (this merits an entirely new story). My gracious sis-in-law Marichi prepared a delicious Japanese dinner complete with shabu-shabu and mochi ice cream. Sangria was a wonderful cap. Before sunrise the next day, we headed to Joshua Tree National Park. It’s actually my next post, breathtaking scenery in a most gorgeous earth palette.

I miss blogging more frequently. It has become a luxury. I hope you are doing well, everyone!

Pink DoorPalm Trees at High NoonDSC_0650=2If the pink door might be familiar to you, it is because it’s been used as a backdrop for several fashion blogs. 

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Palm Springs

Photographed by Tina Tan. Photos of author by Ericke Tan
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Family Time in Rancho Mirage


Rancho Mirage is in the Palm Springs area of California. It’s my only brother John’s city. My sister-in-law Marichi and yaya Tata we’re cooking a Filipino fiesta, complete with bellychon to celebrate my nephew Jonathan’s birthday. So mom and pop, my sister Nikko and I drove two hours to the desert. Dropped by the Cabazon outlets where it was super hot.

Through the car windowPalm SpringsRancho Mirage

I was seeing my brother’s gorgeous home for the first time. His old house was also at Rancho Mirage. That was where I spent brief vacations twice, once with the kids and another with the husband.

DSC_4028Birthday CakeJonathan and MargeDSC_4051Baked BellychonDSC_4055Kare-kare

Food was so good, especially the kare-kare with ox tail and lechon (inspired by their brother-in-law Oliver’s recipe). And the piña colada cake they got from Tony Bahama was pure paradise. Jonathan and I blew a red velvet cake. Talk about making another wish.

The gathering was beautiful though brief. Family photos have become so rare, like it took decades before another good ones.

DSC_4071Birthday CakePancitDSC_4052Dr. John Lo and familyFamilySiblingsThree GenerationsPopsieDSC_4034DSC_4115Palm Springs Sunset
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