The P. Lazaro BBQ Mixup

P. Lazaro BBQ

It’s a quirk that generally we Ilocanos talk at a wavelength only us understand. For a change, I got straight instructions. “The barbecue is right across the orange uring for sale on P. Lazaro, west of Ablan Avenue,” says Miss Endorser. I ride the tricycle to barbecue. There are two barbecue stands across the orange uring for sale. Technically, there’s only one ‘coz the grill on the corner is facing another street. So I went to the one with the grill directly facing the orange uring for sale. I take pictures, I interview Analyn, the owner, I order and eat two sticks (by the way, barbecue was good, very tender), and then I head for home.

I see endorser, I show photos from the camera. Says Miss Endorser, “It’s the one on the corner.”

P. Lazaro BBQP. Lazaro BBQP. Lazaro BBQP. Lazaro BBQOne stick costs 12 pesos.

To be concluded.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014