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It’s everyday pinakbet in Ilocos! You could say the Ilocanos are long-established organic farmers.

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Organic farmer/entrepreneur Agnes Asuncion inspires

Influenced by the green thumb and entrepreneurial savvy of Ilocos Norte’s pioneer dragon fruit grower, Manang Editha Dacuycuy, another lady, Manang Agnes Asuncion, a mother and former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Barangay Pias, Norte Currimao, nurtures a handful of potted dragon fruit cuttings (in 2008), strengthens her knack for gardening by undergoing agri trainings from several government agencies and Manang Editha herself, and then grows her vegetable and fruit garden into a farm, with 180 dragon fruit trees to date. The trees are now able to provide for her dragon fruit soap making home business.

Through the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) “Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program”, Manang Agnes was rewarded a financial grant, which has helped her purchase tools and materials to enhance her handmade soap business.

Dragon fruit is regarded for its antioxidant properties. Being a dragon fruit fiend myself, the fruit’s potent cleansing effect on me is remarkable. I have yet to try the soap made from stems, however.

Currently, her soaps bearing her name can reach as far as Manila and the Visayas. Repeat buyers use the soaps (dragon cactus-cococut oil, dragon cactus-olive oil, dragon cactus-mint variants) for various purposes such as skin whitening, disinfecting and relief for bruises, excessive sweating, itching, fungal problems, psoriasis, etc..

Manang Agnes is able to produce 250 pieces per week, with a little help from her teenage children. Her gracious daughters, Edita Loraine and Gretchen Barbara, showed me around her work space. They intimated that their mom’s flourishing business is able to augment the family income.

Agnes Asuncion Brgy. Pias, Currimao, Ilocos Norte CP #: (0921) 273 4515

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A toast to saniata aka dragon fruit

It’s been more than a year since I visited Manang Edita Dacuycuy of REFMAD Farms in Brgy. Paayas, Burgos. Manang Edita is the original Ilocano grower of this wonder fruit called saniata in Ilocos, more popularly known worldwide as dragon fruit. A befitting name for the fruit, saniata is Ilocano for blooming, progressive and promising. Manang Edita, who heads the group of 54 dragon fruit growers all over Ilocos Norte, has big dreams of making the province the dragon fruit capital of the Philippines. Why not?

The 5-hectare farm looks a lot different from the last time I went with Martine and Ericke. Spacing visits longer makes it more thrilling.

(Read my first news feature about REFMAD Farms and the King of Fruits posted last year via the LEAD Movement blog)

Alexa seems too excited for this agri-tour. It’s her first time at REFMAD Farms. I was excited, as well.

The hubby had to try it, too. He doesn’t actually like fruits.

Saniata ti Kailokuan, my kind of fruit! Loaded with antioxidants.

saniata aka dragon fruitI had this chilled for a while before grabbing my first wedge. ’twas just so refreshing!

100 % of the farm’s workforce is from the community.

The tilapia pond is new.

More and more locals and tourists are discovering this organic farm. Carlson Chan of Liwayway Foods, makers of Oishi, and DepED Assistant Secretary Jun Abelita were recent REFMAD guests.

Dragon fruit cactus is known to aid several illnesses. You might want to check this out (here)

Saniata flower glows in the evening.

REFMAD Farms dragon fruit farm

A garden lounge for picnickers.

Farm ducks. I guess they’re meant for integrated farming. I forgot to ask, though.

I wanted one for my sandboarding activities. A cool sun shield

That’s our organic farmer/innovative entrepreneur Mrs. Edita Aguinaldo Dacuycuy.

REFMAD Farms dragon fruit bi-products

Nothing is wasted. Dried dragon fruit flowers are made into lumpia, empanadita, dumplings and burger patties and served at the café. They also have farm-baked cupcakes and cookies… and surprise, ice cream!

Brewed tea made of dried dragon fruit flowers

Dragon fruit bread sticks.

Dragon fruit ice cream. Brandon liked it much.

I had two shots of this dragon fruit wine, which I ended up bringing home.

For the vain, anti-aging soap that whitens the skin, also made from dragon fruit.

Ain’t that sweet?

“I hope I have enough money.”

Saniata weighing half a kilo.

My loot basket

Goin’ back to home.

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