Style File: Joyce Cajucom Poon, President/CEO/Founder Noir Lash Lounge

The lady has got so much K, a Filipino colloquialism for karapatan, meaning “rights and privileges.” She has used her inherent style and brilliant business savvy to great advantage. K also stands for Kisses, a moniker that has stuck to her Chinese-Filipino family and friends in Laoag and Manila. The beauty and brains majored in English Literature and Life Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

The blog is happy and honored to have Ms Noircissist herself, Joyce Poon, CEO and founder of Noir Lash Lounge Inc., North America’s largest lash lounge offering. Joyce says, “Noir Lash Lounge is where lashes aren’t just an added service, it’s the ONLY service. Carrying the LARGEST selection, with 100 different varieties, we create lashes that surely dreams are made of.”

The beauty insider who has had Canadian and US celebs in her lounges and who has appeared in countless blogs and print and television features will share with us tidbits about life, beauty and her brainchild.

Manila-born successful entrepreneur Joyce Poon gets down to work.

How old were you when you migrated to Vancouver?

What do you miss most about Laoag?
The food and beautiful beachside and, of course, my family!

What’s your favorite Filipino dish?
I have so many – do I have to just pick one? It’s not a dish, but I LOOOOOVE sago at gulaman – so much I order TWO at a time!

What’s your favorite Filipino word?
It’s not what I use, but alembong is one of my favorites because I don’t think there’s an exact match for it in English.

What’s on your playlist?
Everything! Far East Movement, Dev, Selena Gomez, Jay-Z and Kanye.

What are your favorite 3 gadgets?
iPhone, iPad and Sony Vaio.

What magazines do you read?
In Style, US Weekly and Allure are my faves, although I do pick up a copy of Lucky every now and then.

What are your favorite beauty products?
NARS Orgasm blush, Geisha Ink Liquid Eyeliner – everything else I like to experiment with.

What is your beauty regimen?
My daily routine is liquid foundation to even out my skin tone – the trick is to wear less or almost none, where you don’t need it to let your natural skin glow through, and blush – that’s all!

What would you never wear on your face?
Tattoo makeup.

Tell me about being a new wife and mom.
It’s been a lot of change in my life: the company grew quickly, I moved to the US, I got married and then had a baby… it can be overwhelming and there are times when I ask myself what I got myself into, but I would still rather be me on my worst day than anyone else any day. Being a mom has been the most rewarding aspect of my life and I am trying to balance all these new roles by making sure I spend quality time with my son and husband and dedicate 100% of my attention to each.

What inspired you to put up Noir Lash Lounge?
Sheer and utter vanity. No really. I loved the way I looked when I had the lashes on and just couldn’t bear the thought of being without them. It’s actually a really long-winded story of how this business came about.

What did you do to prepare for this kind of beauty service? Is there a special program required?
We now have our own training program for our staff, but for me, I only took a 2-hour course, got my kit and was sent along my merry way.

When did you put up Noir Lash Lounge?
Technically May 2008, but I didn’t have a storefront until March 2009.

What is the general reception of the public to Noir Lash Lounge?
They’re called Lash Addicts for a reason! Once a client tries our lashes, they are in L-O-V-E!!

As owner of Noir Lash Lounge, do you attend to customer needs yourself?
I still respond to the emails I receive from clients and even call some of them directly. Sometimes you’ll even find me in a location answering the phones!

How does lash extensions/false lashes enhance beauty?
In so many ways. Longer lashes creates the illusion of bigger eyes, which in turn creates the illusion of a thinner face (hello, instant diet!). It also distracts from blemishes, wrinkles and under eye circles, which is why suddenly so many of our clients claim that since they’ve had our lashes, they can head out the door without makeup!

What are the lashes made of?
Our lashes are synthetic polyester, but we also carry synthetic mink.

What is your most popular application?
Our Fabulicious is our most popular look. It’s that perfect in-between. You know, did she, didn’t she? You want to look done, without looking DONE, you know?

What is your favorite false eyelash piece?
Our Hauteness lash is the perfect blend of thick, yet soft pieces. I hate harsh and obvious lines, but love the fullness!

What’s your eyelash tip to girls with sparse lashes?
Stop curling and using mascara – it only stresses the lashes even further. Instead, leave them be. Also don’t touch your eyes or play with your lashes. You’d be surprised how much length you can actually achieve this way!

I’ve seen super expensive lashes at makeup stores, what is needed to make eyelash pieces last longer for those who prefer glue type eyelashes?
Clean them immediately after each use and always peel them on and off gently to keep their shape. Store them back in the case they came in.

How do you balance heavy/long lashes with the rest of makeup?
Our clients actually don’t go for the super dramatic look, at least, most don’t anyway, so plenty of our clients simply forego wearing heavy makeup. Glowing skin paired with lush lashes is the ultimate beauty look.

YALETOWN: 604-915-LASH (5274) | 1150 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC
SOUTH GRANVILLE: 604-738-LASH (5274) | 3065 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC
MORGAN CROSSING: 604-531-7787 | #106 – 15745 Croydon Drive, Surrey, BC
FOURTH STREET: 403-228-1164 | 100A – 2303 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB opening November 2011
BELLEVUE: 225 Belleve Way NE, Bellevue, WA opening December 2011

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