The Burgos Outback: Palpalokada (BTS: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo Summer Special)

Northern Coast

Merely three weeks after I posted stories on the new Burgos eco-adventure destination, a very enthusiastic GMA Network Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo team comes to Ilocos to shoot footage of Ilocos Norte’s best-kept secret. Apparently, they looked thrilled upon arrival, and they rushed to position the camera when the kabalyeros made their grand entrance — indeed cinematic. The thought gives me goosebumps, I’m not exaggerating. It’s perhaps because I can relate with the aim of the Burgos ecotourism project — to help the Pasto Communal of Burgos earn extra keep from the newly conceptualized horseback riding adventure, which is unique in Ilocos, considering that Burgos prides itself with a fabulous coastline in addition to the established distinct tourist attractions such as the Cape Bojedor Lighthouse, seaweed gamet production, REFMAD Farms, the first dragon fruit farm in Ilocos, and Karurpurawan Rock Formation.

To boot, the local government of Burgos, together with spelunking experts from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Region I Office, have started exploring the rumored more-than-150-caves in Burgos alone. I’ve been inside only two caves, which means I have to flex those muscles in preparation for a future cave-hopping journey.

Northern Tip of the PhilippinesIlocos Horseback Adventure in PalpalokadaDSC_7232Burgos OutbackPalpalokada KabalyerosPalpalokada Horse

Pal-loka is an Ilocano term given to handmade sandals/slippers, made of used rubber tire for the soles and rope for the uppers, popular in the olden days. Palpalokada may translate to “their slippers”.

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (posterior view)

That’s the posterior view of the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, shot from Palpalokada. The view from the top was overwhelming.

Please watch Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo this Saturday, March 31st, 2012…. Palpalokada from sunrise to sunset.

Make Palpalokada your summer getaway. But please be a responsible ecotourist, take nothing but photos!

In behalf of the LGU of Burgos, led by Mayor Cresente Garcia, the Pasto Communal of Burgos,  Ilocos Norte, a huge thank you! Special thanks to Allan Lazaro, cameraman Wilier and Rudy.

Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2012