Giga Natural Insect Repellant and other personal care products

Here’s wonderful news for those who want natural and organic personal care products that work — Giga products are now available in Ilocos. While tweeting about lighting a citronella candle to shoo away mosquitoes as a way to ward off the scary dengue fever that has hit Laoag, my friend tweeted me back about Giga Citronella Natural Insect Repellant Spray that she uses on her babies. It is such a great product, more convenient and definitely safer than lighting a candle, and as the brochure says, it is free of DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide), which causes skin reactions in some people.

“All Giga products are VCO-based and safe even for sensitive skin,” says Tintin Alcid-Apostol, our Giga marketer. Giga is an all-Filipino venture and the prices are surprisingly so affordable. I discovered many peachy products while looking through the items that she showed me. She has relaxing oils, pain balm, insect bite balm, cold rub, handcrafted specialty soaps, solid shampoo, linen and room spray, baby soap, spa bath gels, pet care products, seaweed slimming soap and spray, and so much more.

Your empty spray bottle container can be brought back for refill at a reduced price.

She’s one of the participants in the coming Red Dot Eco-Living Backyard Bazaar this October. If you can’t wait to try her organic stuff, you can try calling her at this number: 0917-5700-106.

My initial buy, an all-natural slimming soap I got for only 65 pesos. Gotta try it later. This better be good, heheh.

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New Healthy Options

My friend Me-Ann just arrived from Manila and she sent me pasalubong she got from the Legazpi Sunday Organic Market. It’s great to discover that more and more Filipino entrepreneurs are getting into environment-friendly as well as health and wellness products. The stuff  she sent me are alternative food products from Herb’s Best International and a household product from Messy Bessy.

Versatile pure malunggay-spinach and squash-carrot whole wheat noodles that can be used as pasta for Italian dishes or noodles for mami, lomi or pancit guisado. Healthy with lots of vitamins and just 20 calories per round.

Tasty Tahong Chips snack devoid of MSG, artificial flavorings and preservatives.

These clever all-Filipino herbal food innovations made from indigenous resources excite the local health-conscious consumers. They are also packaged wonderfully, so that they can be globally interesting.

I tried the tahong (mussels) chips and found the flavor unique. I have yet to try the Eat Mi noodles.

Here are more locally available green products that I compiled last year.

Photos by Blauearth Copyright © Blauearth™ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED