Make Your Own Havaianas turns 10

MYOH 2015 - Ilocos

Hau`oli la ho’omana’o, MYOH!

The MYOH 10 years commemorative pair is the best ever! Why is it so easy to love the Vintage Hawaii pair? Because it’s blue and blue is the most universal color I know:) It’s my most favorite color and any color becomes livelier next to blue. Also, because we say “Aloha” here more than anywhere else in the country. It’s safe to say Ilocos is partly the land of Hawaiianos and Hawaianas. And, of course, they are Havaianas, now a (essential) part of our daily lives.

So this is what happened on the first day of the MYOH 2015. I saw many of my dear friends. I had fun being in a photo with everyone. Aloha can mean a lot of different things. I like it more as a hello than a goodbye. Actually.

MYOH 2015HavaianasMYOH 2015

Mahalo to Bernard and Me-Ann Macaraeg. Love the couple!

MYOH 2015Ace is always so photographable eh?MYOH 2015Eric Cayetano and my good friend Marianne Pasion are always cute together, MYOH 2015MYOH turns 10MYOH 2015MYOH 2015Toni Carag’s pick.MYOH 2015Kenneth, Chef James and blogger/artist Vince Canlapan.StarfishyMYOH 2015MYOH 2015My crush, James Burns.MYOH 2015MYOH 2015 - LaoagMYOH 2015 Commemorative PairMYOH 2015 Commemorative PairI’m in my red phase.MYOH 2015MYOH 2015Lulu DK - Havaianas flash tattoosLulu DK Havaianas. tattoos.MYOH 2015Teenie Umali- Fariñas and Ann Ang on the other end.UkeleleStrumming Pearly Shells!MYOH2015Zoomy Hula DancerMYOH 2015 - LaoagMYOH 2015And she got another pair for her birthday.GirlfriendsWith artists Mara Manuel and Katrina Mandac.MYOH 2015

Thank you, Havaianas!

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MYOH 2015: An Aloha state of mind

UntitledPalm trees, hibiscus flowers, fresh fruits, seashells, blues, splashes of white, sandy shores and Havaianas.

Havaianas 10 Years of MYOH

Did you know that Havaianas was inspired by the Hawaiians and their hang loose culture? To celebrate the 10th year of Make Your Own Havaianas, our favorite flip-flop brand is all set for the biggest customization ever. It’s a nationwide luau celebration from May 7th to the 10th! Flash the shaka! In Ilocos, Robinsons Ilocos Norte Activity Center will be echoing the warm air of Aloha Hawaii. Aloha hula girls, ukeleles, tikis and pineapples!

MYOH 2015MYOH 2015MYOH 2015MYOH 2015MYOH 2015 - Ilocos

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