Laoag Sand Dunes heat up all the more… don’t miss out!


What’s sexier at the celebrated Laoag Sand Dunes than a pumped up night of music? The much anticipated Pamulinawen Sand Tunes Music Festival is finally happening! (Check out poster above.)

Then there’s also the chance to experience Laoag’s signature sand dune adventure for free, courtesy of the Laoag Sand Dunes Coop, in cooperation with the City Government of Laoag.

Save the date, folks… February 21, 2018! Am to Pm!

Happy Fiesta, Laoag!


Shout Laoag

I hear this song constantly in the last few years. My neighbor, a huge grocery store, plays it the whole day everyday. I’ve really never fixed my ears on the lyrics. The melody is catchy, I thought it was just another pageant background music. For a festival, it needs some “boom”, imao. I am a visual person. My thoughts turn radical once I read the lyrics on this video. This is an outstanding song. I gathered it was composed by Nhick Ramiro Pacis.

Update: Nothing to do with the music, noticed some photos in the video are my photos, but were credited to blackhowling78 on multiply.

Vinyl: The Pure Vintage Collection

Vinyl Coillection

This is my trendy dad’s vinyl long playing collection of all genres! He has kept the albums stored in alphabetical order, so it’s easy to track say a Rolling Stones or a Woodstock. He made local record stores happy everyday, yes, everyday for so many years..

I grew up singing Happy Talk from the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s South Pacific broadway musical til I got crazy learning the hustle steps from the Van McCoy dance instructional. I’m still in cloud nine, reliving the days of analog music. Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel would go on and on. For photography purposes, I can’t lift the vinyl out, or my dad will freak out.

Vintage Records

There are good signs that vinyl is making a comeback. Motherboard reports that LP sales climbed 32 percent in 2013 (read full story here). “Observers think the vinyl resurgence is fueled by hipster newcomers and nostalgic fans returning to the fold,” says this report at Mercury News.

On why vinyl? This documentary says it all. You’ll hear the words warm, physical and tangible repeatedly. It’s a whole lifestyle I guess.

VinylSantanaTropeaAlbum Covers

I planned on making a wax wall at one point. Using wood glue, cleaning vinyl records can be easy, I just found out. The covers are pure art.

His turntable is a newer Technics, the speakers are Sansui and the amplifier a Sony. Check out the warm sound of vinyl in these two vids.


Photographed by Blauearth © Blauearth™ All Rights Reserved 2009-2014