All the Mooncakes in Manila Chinatown

Far Eastern Mooncakes

Though the Philippines is enjoying only two seasons, the Chinese community in the country celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival, dubbed locally as the Mooncake Festival. This year, it falls on the 8th of September. In the country, it’s all about moon worship, family and friends’ reunions, games, thanksgiving and prayer. The mooncake, which symbolizes unity, is shared with loved ones, colleagues and business associates.

Year after year, I look forward to mooncake festivities and my own box of mooncakes to share with family and friends. Double Egg Lotus and Mixed Nuts are my faves. I went around the Chinatown in Binondo to pick some. Have you bought yours?

Far Eastern Mooncake CounterThe award-winning mooncakes of Far Eastern Mooncakes on Gandara cor. Ongpin Sts.Diao Eng Chay MooncakesDiao Eng Chay has those complete sets of hopia for dice games.Shin Tai Shang MooncakesShin Tai ShangShin Tai-Shang Foods’ colorful Taiwanese mooncakes. It is located along Salazar St.Salazar BakerySalazar Balery WindowOf course, Salazar Bakery, is a classic go-to for Chinese sweets and pastries.Mooncakes at Bee TinAn assortment of mooncakes from China at the Bee Tin Chinese deli store along Ongpin.Mooncake Gift BagMooncake SetMooncakeMooncake BoxMooncake SellerKaisha Mart, on Ongpin, has a good selection of HongKong as well as China-made mooncakes.Eng Bee TinThen there’s also Eng Bee Tin, which has the most interesting flavors, among them chocolate-flavored mooncakes. Eng Bee Tin is on Onpin. You’ll also find the cakes at Mr. Ube.Chocolate MooncakeMooncake TinsMoon Cake BuyerMooncakes
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It’s Mooncake season once again

I just received a tin box of Chinese mooncakes to celebrate the Moon Festival.  The Moon Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival this year falls on the 22nd day of September, when the moon is at its fullest.  This customary tradition of moon worship, dating back to the Zhou Dynasty (1066 B.C.-221 B.C.), is observed by Chinese communities all across the globe.

There are numerous variants of mooncakes. What I have is bean paste with salted duck egg. My favorite is lotus seed paste with egg and mixed nuts. Prices of mooncakes depend on the filling. They could go up as high as a few thousand pesos for each box of 4s.

In Manila, there are mooncake specialty stores that sell mooncakes all year round. Far Eastern Mooncakes along Gandara St. in Binondo is one.

In Ilocos, mooncakes can be found at Chow King restaurants and at the Fort Ilocandia during the Mooncake Festival season. The mooncakes at the Fort are imported from Hong Kong, quite pricey but with better quality.

A cup of tea with this Chinese special cake is best.

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